Actualization is the state of something becoming reality.

When something is actualized, we accept it, and once we reach a state of acceptance, we can continue to move forward. Right now, we have an even deeper state of uncertainty than we did back in March. Schools are deciding how our students will learn in the fall, we are trying to determine the best decisions for our businesses, and we are wondering when (and if) life will return to normal. Why do we struggle to actualize what is going on around us, and how do we move forward with purpose and peace?


The biggest thing humans crave is certainty, and here we are living in a massive amount of uncertainty. This uncertainty makes it hard for us to process that this wild situation is our reality, at least for now. But this thing is with us, and we do not know how long things will stay this way. How do we handle those feelings?

Regroup & Refocus

In order to continue to move forward, we need to pause and refocus. August is a great month to regroup, examine our priorities, and determine what we can and cannot control. In order to move forward, we need to stay still for a few moments…the irony! We need to pick our heads up in our lives and our businesses and evaluate how we’re truly doing – professionally and personally.

Personally, journaling has been a great tool for me when taking a moment to pause. Maybe for you, meditation, getting your body moving, making lists, or listening to a podcast are ways you prefer to reconnect with your purpose. Whatever this looks like for you, do not skip the pause; if you skip the pause, you delay actualization and miss out on reconnecting with your purpose.

In Practice…

How have I been practicing this concept? This past week, we got a TON of things across the finish line in one of my businesses, Timber Industries. There were lots of unfinished projects and paperwork that we needed to get done prior to August 1st. So, I paused, reconnected with myself, and, in turn, was able to motivate my team effectively to get those projects completed. Without the pause, I would not have been as energized and driven to propel our team forward in these projects. The pause is what helped me actualize the situation and then say, Okay, how do we get from point A to point B?

August is an amazing month to focus on actualization, acceptance, and accountability. Since August is a crazy month with vacations and “back to school” prep, I am making accountability super easy for YOU. I am having an August Accountability Session; a one day, three-hour, intimate session with me. Boom…automatic accountability and vision for your business moving forward! To register for your August Accountability Session, click the link below.

August Accountability Session:

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Keep evolving, entrepreneur. I believe in you!



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