We thought we would be more in control by now.

Some were predicting that life would be back to normal and we would be able to see our favorite people, go out to dinner as a family, or attend a sporting event and yet, life isn’t back to normal. Many people are, justifiably, feeling out of control. Feeling out of control is a BIG feeling that requires a compassionate, BIG answer. So, let’s chat about it…how do we handle feeling so out of control?

1. Think About the Small Things (start small)

When we feel out of control, the things we do not have control over seem like the biggest things in our lives. These things threaten to overshadow the things we can control, so a good first step is to think about the small things. Often, small things are within our control. Maybe some of your small things include your morning coffee, playing a board game with your kids, taking a 30 min. walk during lunch time, or sticking to a specific nightly routine. Instead of dwelling on the things you cannot control, focusing on the things you can. Ultimately, we cannot control what happens with this virus, but we can control how we respond to it and the changes we make during this time of discomfort.

The habits we form now will stick with us for a while, so set aside some time to evaluate what you are doing well (and celebrate that accordingly) and what your goals are for this time. By setting realistic goals, you will feel empowered and motivated to persevere.

2. Your Mindset

Check-in with yourself and take a non-judgmental look at how you are handling the uncertainty right now. Perhaps you are dealing with it really well, or you are struggling. Wherever you are, that is OKAY! Taking notice of where you are is a great first step in self-awareness. When you concentrate on how you are doing mentally, you can make kind adjustments to your mindset as necessary.

Once you have taken an inventory of where you are in your mental game, consider what your next steps may be. What can you increase or decrease in your daily routine that would help better your mindset? Maybe this means calling a good friend, hiring a business coach, or seeking out experts in a certain field. Whatever you see as a positive steppingstone towards a healthier mindset, seek that out and pursue it!

3. Take a Break or Pause from Negative News Streams (including Social Media)

Make sure you are focusing on happy outlets and self-care as much as you can. In today’s day and age, we are inundated with information and news on nearly every app and device. If you have not already, consider taking a “news inventory.” Consider what or who you are watching, reading, listening to, or following. What you think about MATTERS! Especially during a pandemic, it is more important than ever to be aware of what we are feeding our minds. What we think about affects how we feel. You might find there are some people on social media who are not adding to your journey or other accounts that are truly inspiring and motivating. Take an objective look at what you are thinking about during the day and see if it aligns with your goals.

Second, take some time to practice self-care, whatever that looks like for you. Some things I try to pay special attention to in my self-care are hydration, movement for at least 30 minutes a day, a healthy diet, and enough sleep. Take this time to discover what is important for YOUR health and incorporate those things into your daily routine.

Friends, there are so many things we cannot control, and I know this season is tough. We will make it through this with the help of each other, a healthy mindset, and self-care. I am here for YOU! If you need anything, my team and I am here.



Much like Marcus Lemonis, host of CNBC’s “The Profit,” who lends his expertise to struggling businesses, Annette analyzes businesses, supports them with the right resources, and designs the plan they need in order to go from surviving to thriving.

Annette Walter has started, acquired, owned and operated more than 15 companies in her lifetime. As a wife, mother of two young boys, and owner of a national company, Timber Industries, that was included on last year’s Inc. 5000 list, she is able to serve her true purpose and passion in coaching and consulting entrepreneurs through her business coaching company, iEvolve Consulting. Annette works with business owners across the globe in various industries to support their overall well-being, teams, and operations. As an operations expert and strategist, she works with business owners to help them identify organizational gaps and opportunities in their companies. She works with businesses to help make their finances, marketing efforts, technology solutions, and sales more efficient and effective.

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