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We have covered a lot in this webinar, but there is so much more beyond this!

  • Deeper dive UNIQUELY into every angle of business
  • Evaluation tools to objectively understand the existing key people on your team
  • Teaching you how to set processes and efficiencies in your business
  • Template, forms, set matrix models that work
  • Hiring tools to set an official bullet point process for any new person you bring into your organization from here on out

Course Preview

Determine your next hire, create the perfect job description, discover tips and tricks for the interview process, and more to ultimately land the next best hire on YOUR team! The goal is to simplify so YOU don’t feel overwhelmed – let’s get started!

10 MODULES | (1h 20m)

Course Outline

Module 1: Understanding the 7 Pillars in Your Business – An Audit of Your Existing Foundation
Analyzing the pieces of your business to find operational gaps to grow and develop. These pieces include Technology, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations & Process, The Team, and You: The Leader. 

Module 2: Determining Your Next Hire
Walking you through an exercise to uncover where exactly your next hire is.

Module 3: Creating the Job Description
Think about the job description as a qualifier…getting this right will save you time, money, and energy on your journey to finding your next hire!

Module 4: Time Blocking Your Schedule for a Less Overwhelming Process
Setting a standard operating procedure for the interview and hiring process.

Module 5: Posting & Tracking
Gain access to a template to help you track where you are posting the job and the candidates who are responding to stay organized.

Module 6: The Interview Process
Helping you get out of the weeds of the interview process with a total process outline.

Module 7: Reviewing and Rating the Candidates 
This is where the magic happens! Here we will evaluate how to review and rate the candidates to narrow it down to our final three. 

Module 8: The Final Three Candidates
Discussing the top 10 interview questions to ask and more to get to know the final three candidates to further determine if they are your next best hire. 

Module 9: The Offer and Negotiating
The final step in the interview process once you have identified your next best hire.

Module 10: Onboarding and Setting Them Up for Success
You have a new hire in your organization – now let’s set them up for success! 

” I honestly was lost and ready to give up on my business.  

I didn’t have any more gas in the tank to “power through” and quite honestly, I had no more tricks in my bag.  I had tried everything and all I could do was blame myself.  I was up at night simply beating myself up.  I was spoiling out of control.  With the Team Maker Formula, I scrubbed through my existing foundation of my business, I uncovered the leaks, the weaker people and the gaps.  From there I gained confidence and also regained my business instinct.  I had a formula to finally follow and I felt like Annette was holding my hand the entire time, but it was my speed and my journey…..she just walked me through it step by step.  I am eternally grateful for the life and freedom and team I now have.”