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Entrepreneur Evolution Empowerment Group

A high-level, confidential and professional coaching group that supports and guides like-minded leaders, in a safe environment, with accountability and resources.

I am looking for a select few, exclusive mission-driven entrepreneurs who want to add at least, an extra 7-figures of growth to their business. Are you one of them? I invite you to join us today!

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10884 York Road, Cockeysville, MD 21230

You are Worthy of this Investment.

When we commit we raise the standards for ourselves and our business.

This is the group and community for A-players and action takers.

This is an investment in YOU. You are betting on YOURSELF and guess what, the odds are better than the market and Vegas.  The ROI on betting on yourself is far greater than anything out there.  But, it only works if you are fully ready, make the commitment and show up to do the work!


How to make a big decision like this….

This is a BIG investment.  Trust me, I get it.  Personally, I have invested in a business coach and leadership group since 2009.  I honestly would not have gotten through some of the hardest things in my life without the support of a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who get it (for real) to guide me.  It is so different and often hard, intimidating or embarrassing to share your real issues and feelings about your business with your friends, spouse or siblings.  They see you in a different light and they simply may not get it.  

I share this last piece with the sincere hope that it helps you with your decision-making process….

Whenever I make big decisions like this…..I think about the outcome and the value it will have for me personally and in my business.  I think about how I can make it a break-even investment as soon as possible so that it is fully an investment in my head, not another expense.  Every time I have invested in something like this in my business, I immediately show up differently for myself, my team and my company and that’s when the real evolution happens. 

I hope that helps….I get it.  I also, promise, you won’t regret it.  If you are fully there and ready….you will not regret it at all. 

Pinky swear.

“I feel like Annette is my therapist….I joke and call her my business therapist.  To be real, I think I share more with her than I do my therapist….she gets it.  She guides me (without me even realizing it) through and to the next stage in my business.  It is like a weird kind of magic formula she has….that seems crazy but it is real”

—Donna R