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Entrepreneur Evolution Empowerment Group

You just went through massive growth… now what? 

Have you ever heard the saying “new level, new devil?”

If you just tipped over the 2.5 million dollar mark in your business and you have your eye on 10 million and beyond, then you are in the right place, Entrepreneur.

There are not a lot of growth and scaling programs for business owners like you to learn from—so that’s where I come in. I’m a coach who has started, sold, built, and acquired 15+ companies. So guess what? You are here for a reason, and you are in the right place now. This is a judgement-free, confidential, stress-free zone for you to monumentally grow and scale your business and build the empire that you dreamed of when you started your business.


YOU in mind…


YOUR family in mind…


Your financial and personal freedom in mind…


Curious, to grow, to inspire, to evolve


Your business with you in mind

But now…

You’re working overtime, harder than ever before, leaving no time to spend with your family and loved ones. You are in the weeds. Didn’t owning a business mean that you’ll have more control of your free time?

You feel overwhelmed, sometimes running around like a chicken with no head, without clarity. Swirling with no productivity.
Focusing more on the non-urgent, in-the-moment tasks instead of the important, high priority ones. Reactive and derailed.

You thought by this time, you would be making at least double of what you are right now.
You don’t want to settle but you don’t seem to figure out what else to do.

Did you know….

The #1 reason why businesses fail is because of the LEADER….whether it be inexperience with business planning, cash flow management, or the understanding of the numbers, their decision making with their heart and gut vs. the right Key Performance Indicators for their industry or simply their confidence and focus.  

Businesses fail because the leader is too proud, too scared, too doubtful, too scattered….you follow?

You are here now.

So, you don’t have to feel like that.  

Who needs that extra layer of stress in their life?

You don’t have to know it all on your own. 
You don’t need to figure it all out on your own.  
And, trust us, there is not a gold medal or an award out there for that.
There are a million ways to get from Point A to Point B. 
We want you to get there feeling guided, clear, effective, and confident.  

With the Entrepreneur Evolution Empowerment Group, you are going to be able to meet your goals with safe, judgment-free support, without compromising your life. In this elite group, people have increased their bottom (Yes, BOTTOM!) line revenue by 138% during the worst economic year we’ve seen. 

Are you Ready?  You in?

What would it mean to have a more successful and self-sustainable business empire to YOU?

Would it lead you to…

  • Executing your goals efficiently without wasting your time, energy and resources. 
  • Becoming more confident and fully showing up as the ROCKSTAR leader that you are.
  • Clearing away any confusion in your “swim lane” in both the tactical and strategic aspects of your business.
  • Understanding your identity in the business when it hits the next level of growth.
  • Having a life with flexibility and freedom without the guilt of being “away” from your business allows you to do the activities that you love and spend genuine quality time with your loved ones.

Imagine this:

  • Your business just hit a new level of growth, the one that you’ve been envisioning for so long and there’s no feeling of frustration, self-doubt or fear.
  • No “new level, new devil”. You no longer have to cut through the clutter of information overload.
  • You are being creative and curious about exploring new opportunities, owning your genius zone and empowering your dream team to operate in theirs. 

The Entrepreneur Evolution Empowerment group is an Exclusive Accountability & Leadership Growth Group uniquely designed for growth-minded, purpose-driven Entrepreneurs who are scaling their business empire, building their dream team and continuously showing up as strong leaders and curious learners.

You are here for a reason and guess what?

You are in the right place.


This group is unique….transformational….in fact.  This group keeps me grounded, feel surrounded and less alone in my business and reignites my purpose as a leader every single session.  I am so grateful for the members of this group and for Annette’s guidance.

—Paul M.

So, Who am I? 

I’m Annette Walter, a Business Growth Coach, Operational Strategist and currently the owner of two, multi-million dollar, national companies. 

I am a former corporate banker who started my first company in 2007…yup….great timing!  Since then I’ve acquired, grown, started, sold and bought 15 companies to date.

I am an entrepreneur, just like you.

I help mission-driven, growth-minded entrepreneurs like you through their challenges in their companies, I am on the path with them, scaling their business by their side. Without compromising their personal freedom, I push them to operate in their highest potential and create self-sustaining businesses. 

As a Business Growth Coach, I’m constantly bringing new opportunities to the group, new resources, new topics, making sure you are always getting the latest.

My mission is to grow a community of growth-minded entrepreneurs who are building self-sustaining, salable businesses. In this community they will feel surrounded, challenged, accountable, and experience massive growth beyond their wildest dreams.


As Seen In:


[Annette] helped me evaluate my current job, opportunities I may have and what the future may bring. But ultimately, I decided to pursue both - my full time job and new business venture too! Anyone can read "How to Find Happiness for Dummies" or "How to Start a Business", but do you ever get to the goal line? Do you ever succeed in everything you want to do? I didn't! Yet with Annette's help, I feel like I have. She showed me the path and coached me every step of the way! I am on the path to starting a new business and find happiness in my everyday life! Thank you, Annette!


...I was in search of a coach I could trust and someone I could lean on for advice at a major inflection point in my life. I wanted someone I could confide in but also a strong sensible sounding board that would also cut to the chase and give it to me straight. Annette fit that profile for me... She helped clear away the noise I was allowing to seeps in and to drown out what I knew I needed to do. She helped me focus and identify the steps to take to be that much closer to my goal. Basically she gave me the kick I needed to start running down a new path.


Running a business with your spouse can be as challenging as it is rewarding, but having an expert like Annette who can bring in a fresh and objective perspective removes blockers, helps to refocus priorities, and made a world of difference in our ability to grow at a pace we were striving for. I would highly recommend reaching out and you will understand her value in the first few minutes of speaking with Annette.



Running a business with your spouse can be as challenging as it is rewarding, but having an expert like Annette who can bring in a fresh and objective perspective removes blockers, helps to refocus priorities, and made a world of difference in our ability to grow at a pace we were striving for. I would highly recommend reaching out and you will understand her value in the first few minutes of speaking with Annette.



Annette has helped me to believe in myself, to recognize my self worth and to believe that I can attract the position to achieve my goals. She has pushed me outside of my comfort zone by holding me accountable, to trust and stick with the process. Annette begins the journey with self discovery; learning about myself gave me great insight about where I might need to go. She asks the probing questions and can facilitate conversations along the way; opening my eyes to different aspects beyond do I like something and getting to the why something feels right or wrong.Then applies the principles of my personality to each situation and breaks things down to to understand all aspects of why I think or feel the way I do about the situation. All the guidance may lead to a huge change for some, or a sense of understanding and tools to live in the present situation. My journey may end up in the same position in my career but with so much insight and appreciation for who I am as a person, it could be that my title was already perfect. I just needed to understand why and see the positives in a different direction. With Annette by my side, the journey is the focus. My focus. My journey.



Annette was instrumental in my decision to start my own business! She is such a positive coach. I came to Annette because, as a fellow businesswoman, I knew Annette would understand my perspective. I realized that although she is a highly successful businesswoman, Annette also has a huge understanding of small businesses. I need accountability, and, as a solopreneur, the accountability Annette provides is unmatched. It's so easy to feel as if you are working in a vacuum when it's just you. Annette provides the space and accountability necessary for me to maintain my momentum.



Annette helps me organize my thoughts. Sometimes my thoughts can be circular, and she has the ability to pull me out of the circle and organize the problem. Annette helps shrink a big issue down to manageable tasks. She looks at the problem productively and provides positive feedback and encouragement. As a small business owner, I tend to get down on myself. Annette has the ability to pull me out of a negative mindset. She is so much more than a cheerleader. She has a depth that is beyond a few positive words. She creates a safe zone to analyze the problem!



I consider Annette my unofficial “board member.” I seek Annette’s coaching on things like getting to the next level, marketing and what my business structure should look like. I also appreciate her advice on juggling life. She offers a refreshing perspective on issues that accompany running a business as well as a family.



My husband and I are business partners. I don’t want to be in a position to coach my husband in business…I want to support him! I come to Annette for clarity, a sounding board, direction, alternate methods, and a unique or different approach to problem solving. I also enjoy Annette’s positive attitude about business and life. Her positivity makes me want to continue growing and pursuing my business goals. Her coaching helps my business succeed, create jobs, and grow the economy...



I come to Annette for so many things! Business processes, pricing, personnel, strategic planning, long and short-term goals, back office operations, team building, website help, social media management, bookkeeping, admin, and confidence building!❤️❤️❤️ She always challenges me and listens to whatever is going on without judgement! INVALUABLE SUPPORT! She provides me with friendship, inspiration, encouragement, trust, and helps me execute on ideas and goals.



I have a partner in my business. We really appreciate each other but are often faced with tough conversations. Annette provides a safe, judgement-free zone to vent and process. She also facilitates objective conversations between my partner and me. These healthy conversations have helped move our business forward at a much faster pace.



This may sound funny, but I come to Annette for EVERYTHING! She has taught me how to price my product and value myself. She coaches me on making my money work for me and is always challenging me to think differently. There is a process to understanding who you are as a leader and building around your strengths and weaknesses. Utilizing the highest and best use of your time in your business is crucial. The path to growth is easier with someone like Annette as a sounding board and cheerleader!



A really good coach doesn’t tell you what to do. Instead, they ask the right questions to lead you down your own path. I didn’t realize this process until working with Annette. She is such an amazing coach in all aspects of my life, not just in my business. I am grateful for her dedication and inspiration!



One word: Growth. Annette helps me understand where to focus my energy in order to be better. She is constantly providing positive reinforcement and challenging me to ask if there is a better way. I am grateful for Annette. She has made me a better leader and has saved me countless amounts of time and money while reminding me to HAVE FUN in my business!



I sought out Annette’s help to learn more about achieving balance in my life as a busy, working mom. She helps me understand what to focus on and how to set my priorities. I use all of the time blocking strategies she has taught me every day, and I am so glad I have these tools in my life. Annette’s help makes the path to success and freedom that much easier!

—Melissa B


One word: Growth. Annette helps me understand where to focus my energy in order to be better. She is constantly providing positive reinforcement and challenging me to ask if there is a better way. I am grateful for Annette. She has made me a better leader and has saved me countless amounts of time and money while reminding me to HAVE FUN in my business!



I struggle with accountability and often feel stagnant. Annette helps me change and grow. She has made me more agile through her support of my new endeavors. She is a rock star (to use her words) when working with multiple owners and partners at the same time.



I am grateful to have Annette as a coach. I come to her for help with big decisions and validation. I often joke that she is like a business therapist and a business chiropractor all in one. She helps me work out the kinks in my business. I always feel so much lighter and clearer after a session with her. Whenever I am facing a major life shift, struggling with how to get from Point A to Point B, or simply making tough decisions, I know Annette will truly help me do the best I can.



Annette – I have to thank you for our time yesterday. What an eye opening experience for me! You’ve given my thoughts meaning, coupled with the information about my personality traits, I realize that I should set goals and achieve them - not simply settle. The idea that has been floating in my head (bookkeeping) could become a reality…. So much reflection on that this morning. How to expand that into something even bigger and start out small as a part-time thing, etc. I can’t wait for the next session and I’m doing my homework - working on my list and reflecting. Tons of notes. Thanks!



Annette’s energy during our session was infectious! Her skill at focusing on who we are as a team and where we want to go as a business was informative and thought-provoking. She led and guided us to think about our team and in turn communicate our abilities, in new and fresh ways. I would definitely recommend using Annette!



Our session with Annette was great— she grabs your attention, makes you participate and keeps you engaged. Great job Annette, thank you.



Just wanted to share how fabulous I thought our meeting was. So much to learn and gras, and so much to grow with. Very energizing. We could each spend hours talking with you and sharing our experiences and challenges.



Let me just say I am in a mentally new space today! I left our strategic planning session with a renewed outlook and perspective about my company, my manager, my colleagues / team and the work that we do! In short, the sessions with IE was engaging, empowering and invigorating!



Annette created a session that was both engaging and dynamic. Her energy and approach led our team to not only be able to create as a whole for the good of the company, but also learn about ourselves as individuals and how we impact each other.