Can this winter last all year long? – said no one ever.

That’s nuts AND scary, right? But you know what’s scarier? When a little seasonal business depression turns into more than a season. 

At the moment of posting this blog, we are dead center, midway through Quarter One of 2021, that means it’s February and for my people living in cold-weather states, this is always a hard time.  I’m sharing this because I know this can be happening to you in your business too. This week, I want to bring you two easy tips to gain reassurance as an entrepreneur, based on what I’m seeing in my coaching and The Entrepreneur Evolution Empowerment group sessions. This is a common theme of what is going on out there in the marketplace, so here are two tips on how you can overcome the business blues in this season. 

What I’ve been seeing is that it doesn’t matter what stage you are in your business, sometimes you can be in need of assurance or reassurance. So you can be questioning if you are on the right path and doing the right thing, if those next steps are the ones that you should take, if you’re making enough progress in your business or if you’re going to be able to really continue to do it. If any of these resonates with you, let me tell you, you are not alone. I bring this up to let you know, I get you and I get why sometimes it can be hard to overcome those thoughts. It’s normal, it’s natural and it is part of the growing pains of having a business. We all have growing pains in our business and in our path. 

1. Look Back And See How Far You’ve Come

Here are two tips I can give you if you are going through this. One is to look back and really see how far you’ve come. Look back and appreciate every stage that you’ve been in, the ups and downs, where you were when you started, the moment you decided to start your business and more importantly, WHY you started. I bet you’ll realize you’ve come farther than you think you have. Find again those reasons why you started your business and become an entrepreneur. Maybe remember when you couldn’t find authentic leadership so you decided to create one. You are that rockstar entrepreneur and leader, you have become that. This is just a season that contains potential for positive growth, for becoming wiser, to gain perspective and understanding of the future in your business. You have to be conscious that those thoughts, obstacles or problems are not going to be there forever to take you down. Trust yourself enough to know that you have what it takes to tackle them whenever they come. 

2. Use The 100/0 formula

The second tip I want to give you is quick and easy. Two sets of numbers that will help you in situations when you don’t know what to do or you are questioning what you are doing. It’s 100/0, and what does it mean? It means making sure you are committing and showing up with 100% of yourself and expecting 0% back. I can assure you that when you are giving your total self, your 100% and expect nothing back…magical things happen. Showing up with no expectations, you end up gaining more than you would have ever imagined. I get it, it’s ok to feel unsure and uncomfortable when you are faced with challenges in your business. But no growth comes from being in your comfort zone, all your dreams of achieving amazing things in your business exist in the growth zone, where you give your 100% without expecting anything back. 

Which one of these two tips resonates most with the challenges you’re having right now? Is there an action step – it can be small – that you can take today? Leave a comment in the section below!

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Keep evolving entrepreneurs, I believe in you!

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