Coming to you with a short but powerful one. Let’s get right into it, I want you to take this moment to zero in on what is the most important thing for you. Use this blog as the best excuse to take a break, it’ll only take you a few minutes, so hear me out. 

Oftentimes, during the craziness of the day to day and the transitions of schedules and seasons, it’s really hard to focus on your priorities and you end up being scattered all over the place. Things are moving so quickly nowadays, that’s why it is key to know what and where to focus on and avoid missing on important things. 

Our time is limited and so is our precious energy. So what I want you to do is ask yourself, What’s Important Now or how can I W.I.N. in this situation. Maybe your family is the most important for you and spending more quality time with them is what you have to put your effort in. Maybe your business team and guiding them through hard situations for them to grow, is what you should try to focus more. 

Before you go any further with this reading, it is essential to make yourself a priority and make time for what you like and what really makes you happy. If you’re taken care of, everything else gets easier. But that’s your responsibility. 

Whatever you need time for, wherever you need to be to feel the most full, to feel the most complete, to feel the most present and to keep on showing up, is what’s important now (WIN).

Take time for you, take time for your family, friends and your team. Keep showing up, remain disciplined, consistent and focused. Celebrate your progress as little as it may seem, you’re making progress and good things are happening. 

I’m really proud of you. 

If we haven’t had the chance to have a one to one, this is such a good time to do it. I really encourage you to reach out through the email and take the time to brain dump in a judgment-free, stress-free, confidential zone. We’ll focus and really organize your thoughts. I promise you won’t regret it, you won’t be swayed into anything that you’re not ready for, that’s not what this is about. Use me as a resource, use me as help.

I’m here for you entrepreneur, keep evolving.

Don’t do this journey alone. It is very important to surround yourself with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

I’m grateful for this community and our most powerful platform, The Entrepreneur Evolution Empowerment Group. A group of rockstars entrepreneurs that are on the way to five million and 10 million dollars in revenue. We have accountability bi-weekly meetings where we go through topics of leadership, development and tons of resources. These entrepreneurs are leaders and still growing, and I’m very proud of them. 


If you haven’t had time to schedule a session with me, make sure you reach out! Get a one on one session with me – they are very limited! – you can Book one session here, I can help you reach your personal and business goals. 

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Email me at, book a session with me or join any of the programs above! 

Keep evolving entrepreneurs, I believe in you!

Do you prefer this in the form of a Podcast? Then go right to The Entrepreneur Evolution with Annette Walker. I post two times a week, one is an interview with an awesome entrepreneur just like you and I also do an entrepreneur express tip of 5 minutes or less every week. 

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Much like Marcus Lemonis, host of CNBC’s “The Profit,” who lends his expertise to struggling businesses, Annette analyzes businesses, supports them with the right resources, and designs the plan they need in order to go from surviving to thriving.

Annette Walter has started, acquired, owned and operated more than 15 companies in her lifetime. As a wife, mother of two young boys, and owner of a national company, Timber Industries, that was included on last year’s Inc. 5000 list, she is able to serve her true purpose and passion in coaching and consulting entrepreneurs through her business coaching company, iEvolve Consulting. Annette works with business owners across the globe in various industries to support their overall well-being, teams, and operations. As an operations expert and strategist, she works with business owners to help them identify organizational gaps and opportunities in their companies. She works with businesses to help make their finances, marketing efforts, technology solutions, and sales more efficient and effective.

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