When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s easy to find yourself busy with your head deep down in your business and it’s day to day. The day to day can be thick in chaos, mile-long to-do lists and unplanned emergencies so it can be hard sometimes to go up for air and ask for help. When that happens, it is necessary to make sure that you’re working efficiently, effectively and smart in improving your processes. Not only for you but for everyone around you. That’s why today, I want to bring you my four tips to do when you are feeling overwhelmed, inefficient and burnt out in your business. 

These four tips can help you be more thoughtful and self aware of getting out of the weeds and improving your processes so you can use your time and energy  to create within your genius zone. You have unique superpowers and what you bring to your business is essential. Let me show you how to not get sideswiped by tasks that either suck you in, or another person in your team can get it off your plate. 

1. Automate Systems

Nowadays there are multiple systems that can automate your workflow, such as, proposal writing, signing programs, project management software, calendar booking, finance system, among others that you may be using already. These systems help you improve performance, productivity, reduce costs and gain advantage over the competition. There’s always newer and better ways of doing business more effectively and the reward is to free up your human resources to let them focus on more important tasks that require a higher degree of human management and engagement. I want you to look inward in your business, and tell me where can you make improvements and where can you introduce more automation? 

2. Outsource

Where does your team need help? There are so many different ways to creatively outsource right now whether you get a virtual assistant, a third-party service provider, someone who can do summer hours, an intern or perhaps you are hiring that next layer in your organization. Sometimes it’s more than an optimization benefit, it’s a necessity and it can be the help to finally grow your business.

3. Delegate 

It’s so easy to find yourself drowning with more tasks than you can handle on your plate and maybe you’re thinking, well I’ve delegated everything I can, so who do I delegate to? It just takes a little bit of organization, it’s the simplest thing sometimes as looking ahead in your calendar, getting up and asking someone to do it or help you with it. 

Here’s an example, think about a task at your house, let’s say emptying the dishwasher. Can you ask someone in your house at the beginning of the week to help you once a day during weekdays to empty the dishwasher washer? Delegating that task will give you more time in the morning, making you feel a little lighter from taking it out of your mind. Maybe start by reviewing your monotonous tasks, those tasks that aren’t in the highest and best use of your time. Who can you delegate that and who could do it if you simply asked, and let go.

4. Delete and Say No

Some things are on your to-do lists or on your calendar but are not as important or necessary. They would completely go away if you just say no. I always say if it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a no. 

I was joking around on our Business Builder Mastermind call today, saying that sometimes you just need to take that to-do list, tear it up and start over. Grab another paper and really ask yourself, what are the real priorities at that moment, and those that aren’t…delete, delete, delete. Your time and energy is valuable, It’s okay to say no sometimes. 


So I hope that these four tips help you improve your business processes, build your operational efficiencies, secure your foundation so that you are ready for anything that 2021 brings your way.

What did you think about these four tips? Give it a go, think which of the four could really help you and your business right now and tell me all about it in the comments. 

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