Are you frustrated with your existing team and hiring process?

In this webinar, discover how to revive your team’s performance, increase return on your existing employee base, and get the inside secret to making your next hire!

Want to learn how to build your dream team so that you can scale your business?


In The Team Maker Formula, I will work with you to help you land your NEXT BEST HIRE! I will help you audit the existing foundation of your business, show you the roadmap for how to determine your next hire, provide guidance for creating the job description and working through the interview process, and more to ultimately land the next best hire on YOUR team! The goal is to simplify so YOU don’t feel overwhelmed—let’s get started! 

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So, Who am I?

I’m Annette Walter, a Business Growth Coach, Operational Strategist and currently the owner of two, multi-million dollar, national companies.

I am a former corporate banker who started my first company in 2007…yup….great timing! Since then I’ve acquired, grown, started, sold and bought 15 companies to date. I am an entrepreneur, just like you.

I help mission-driven, growth-minded entrepreneurs like you through their challenges in their companies, I am on the path with them, scaling their business by their side. Without compromising their personal freedom, I push them to operate in their highest potential and create self-sustaining businesses.

As a Business Growth Coach, I’m constantly bringing new opportunities to the group, new resources, new topics, making sure you are always getting the latest.

My mission is to grow a community of growth-minded entrepreneurs who are building self-sustaining, salable businesses. In this community they will feel surrounded, challenged, accountable, and experience massive growth beyond their wildest dreams.