Entrepreneur Evolution Accelerator Program

Entrepreneur Evolutions Accelerator Program

✌️Double your revenue in 2021 and exceed your goals
(and guess what…..you don’t have to do it alone)
You don’t have to finish this year alone.  You don’t have to go through  Q42020 by yourself.  You don’t have to create your business plan for 2021 on your own.  Let us help you propel into 2021 with a solid foundation and a fierce appetite for growth and leadership.

The Entrepreneur Evolution 4-week Program

4 week Live Business Coaching Program with Annette Walter

• This is where the strategic plan meets the implementation sessions.
• This is where you develop tactics to build your business and leave with a TO-DONE list.
• This is where you make progress and experience growth in your business.
• This is where courage meets action and action creates results.
• This is where you develop your 2021 business plan to double your revenue and scale your business. 

The Deets

4 week LIVE Business Coaching program
Week One – YOU,  The Leader
Week Two – The Foundational Audit – Team, Finance, Marketing, Technology and Sales
Week Three – Revenue Buckets and Opportunities
Week Four – Your Community and Your Audience