In COVID America 2020, some days fly by in a hot second

and others seem as slow as molasses. The months seem to have a similar pace, and it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of what we’ve missed or hung up on our progress. It’s in these times that we come face to face with the speed of change, progress, and results in our lives and our businesses. Are these 3 aspects rhythmically working together? If not, what do we need to change?

Change, Progress, Results

Change precedes progress which then precedes results. The pace of change is fully dependent on how willing we are to take action. If we take consistent action, we will see consistent, positive change. With this change comes momentum and progress. According to the Oxford Dictionary, progress means, “forward or onward movement towards a destination.” Our change fuels our progress. When we’re making solid progress, we start to see solid results. There are a few places in this process where you can get stuck.

The first is not taking action or not taking the RIGHT action. Often, this is accompanied by fear or a lack of knowledge. We’re either scared of taking action that seems uncomfortable or ignorant of the right steps to take. The second pitfall is neglecting to celebrate our progress. If we don’t celebrate the small stuff, we lose the joy of the journey as well as our motivation. As you’ll see later in this article, there are steps you can take to practice the art of celebration. The third and final pitfall is getting hung up on our results. This is when you look at your results and either underestimate or overestimate your progress. Often, our perception of our progress isn’t that accurate. Find someone you trust who can give you an accurate picture of how you’ve grown.


The first place to start when looking to improve these 3 areas is gratitude. Let’s start by putting gratitude around them all. As business owners, we can often be impatient, but as the saying goes, “Good things take time.” Inhale, exhale. Pause. Feel your breath, and notice your thoughts. Be grateful for you story, where you’ve been, and where you’re going. Now, let’s learn how to celebrate the small wins.


To celebrate your wins, let’s look back on 2020. Write down 5 wins you’ve had this year in your personal life, work life, home life, etc. If you get stuck, dig a bit deeper. Sometimes what we consider trials are wins in disguise. Some good examples are:

  • Getting clear about the WHY behind my business.
  • Strengthening my relationships with my children.
  • Becoming a better communicator with my spouse.
  • Figuring out my priorities.
  • Leaning into innovation.
  • Supporting my team in meaningful ways.

The more wins you’re able to celebrate, the better you’re able to measure your progress and speed of change. You can practice this with any area of your life at any time to cultivate a celebration mindset

We Got This

You are doing an amazing job. It may not feel like it, but you are. Embrace this season with grace and gratitude and see how far it carries you. You’re not in this alone, friend. We got this! Let’s finish 2020 strong and focus on growth!.

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Keep evolving, entrepreneur. I believe in you!



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