We’re in an interesting, paradoxical season.

On the one hand, kids are done with school, the days are longer, the weather is warmer, and we (theoretically) should be more relaxed. Yet, I am realizing that a good amount of us are feeling the exact opposite (myself included). We are weary, burnt out, and exhausted. Maybe it’s due to the work from home situation or different demands on our schedules now that our kids have more free time. Maybe it is because the days are longer, so we expect more from ourselves. I know each of our experiences are different, so I thought I would share some tips that have been helpful for me in hopes they might resonate with you too.

Determining What’s Important Now

When everything is important, nothing is. Unless we determine what we are currently prioritizing, we cannot realign our lives with what we WOULD LIKE our top priorities to be. Sometimes we just get so darn busy that we do not even process how our choices are communicating our priorities. That’s the thing…in order to prioritize and realign, we must be intentional, and we cannot be intentional people without taking time to process, dream, and explore.

A great way to put this into practice is to set aside some time to journal. Make two lists: the first one is a list of the top three areas of your life that you are currently prioritizing (in order). Consider the choices you have been making recently and account for those. Take some time to think over whether these priories express the type of person, business owner, or family member you would like to be. THEN, write another list with the top three priorities (in order) of what you would like your priorities to be. The great thing about creating a priorities list is that you can then run decisions through that filter. If you are faced with a decision between working 2 extra hours or going to a neighborhood barbecue, consider your top three priorities. Is money tight for your family right now? Do you need those extra two hours’ worth of income? Or is community a important to you in this season? Your priorities will shift depending on the season of life you are in. Your priorities from 3 years ago are probably somewhat varied from what they are today, and no matter what your list looks like, it is YOURS. Don’t you dare feel shame or insecure about that list, friend!

The beautiful thing about determining what’s most important to you now, is it slowly relieves the pressure to “do it all.” How many times in the example above about working vs. the barbecue do you feel obligated to do both? How has that made you feel? Overwhelmed? Stressed? By aligning your choices with what is most important to you, you can move forward with confidence knowing you made a decision that aligns with your values and needs. You DO NOT have to do both! The key phrase there is “have to.” If you want to? Go for it, friend! But the point of determining what’s most important to you is relieving you from the pressure of feeling like you need to do EVERYTHING all at once.

Combatting Burnout: Community

Another key way to decrease burnout and exhaustion is to pay close attention to who you are surrounding yourself with. Do the people around you support your goals, dreams, and visions? Do they speak life or negativity over your ideas? Jon Gordon has a great book called The Energy Bus in which he describes people who suck the energy and enthusiasm right out of you as “energy vampires.” Are your friends energy vampires or energy contributors?

Community has the ability to lift us up, ease our burdens, and help us feel supported. Make sure you are surrounding yourself with positive community especially during this season.

Friends, take time to decide what is important to you, pay attention to the quality of your community, and do not be afraid to get vulnerable with your trusted people. I am here for you!

If you need a nonjudgmental space to process and grow, feel free to reach out to me at the email below.


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