A pulse indicates that someone or something is alive.

If we want to keep a pulse on our businesses, then we need to determine specific daily check points that communicate to us our business’ health.

For some people, their measurements may be largely based on their numbers. For other organizations, their check points might be more focused on the health of their team. While I see merit in both approaches, I like to incorporate integrated check points with my team. I own and operate Timber Industries, a national lumber supply and commercial carpentry firm, and these are some of the daily pulse checks I do with my team at Timber and share with my coaching clients at iEvolve Consulting.

1. Our Numbers & KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

I check our numbers every day to ensure I know exactly how much money is coming in and out of my business. Keeping tabs on your numbers allows you to have informed, productive conversations with each member of your team and gives you the confidence to make decisions in your business at any point in time. Being able to make quick, effective decisions is especially important in today’s financial climate. With the uncertainty of the coronavirus, new federal, state, and local relief programs and a shifting economic landscape, if you are not in touch with your numbers, you are already putting yourself and your business at a disadvantage.

2. Health & Mental Wellbeing of My Team

My team is the lifeblood of my business, and if my team members are not healthy, my business and our work family will suffer. I encourage my team to be transparent, open, and honest with me, and I take the time to check-in with every team member at least once a day. Communicating that you care about your team members is crucial and builds a culture of trust and unity that only relational investment can produce. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to checking in with your team’s health, ask them to give you a one-word check-in each time you have a meeting with them. Asking for a one-word check-in allows team members to express how they are doing and feeling beyond just the standard, “Good.” Creating an atmosphere where team members feel comfortable takes time, energy, and patience, but having a team that feels cared for will far outweigh any time is takes for your business to get there. Having a strong team gives you support, fosters a positive work environment, and draws people into your business.

3. My Clients (status, happiness level, etc.) .

Feedback is invaluable to helping a business grow, expand, and evolve. What better place to seek feedback than those interacting with your products and services? I like to get a check on how my clients are doing and their satisfaction level with our services. Knowing my client’s challenges and pain points allows me to forecast business and determine effective ways to be a strong partner for them. Without feedback, you are left in the dark about your client’s sentiment towards your brand and potential improvements that could increase your brand’s value. Not to mention, your clients are the fabric of your brand’s community, and so checking in with them regularly will build a community that is positive and supportive. Your team and your clients are the people that MAKE your brand, and how you treat them will determine the type of culture your business promotes and what type of environment you are greeted with each morning.

My three daily pulse checks are simple but effective if practiced each day. Remember, your business is an ever-evolving entity. If you do not like what you see now, invest in making consistent change toward your vision! If you love what you see now, keep investing in your relationships and staying up to date with your numbers, so you are prepared for anything that may come your way.

I am rooting FOR you! Keep working to create the kind of business and life you enjoy waking up to in the morning. You rock, and you got this!

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