It’s All About you



The purpose of this series is to offer your associates a boost of leadership and empowerment in the moment consistently. With the goal of helping your associates avoid fatigue and burnout, while increasing confidence and self-esteem and teaching entrepreneurial skills that will support their success and the success of your company. With the proper metrics, tracking, relevant topics and consistency, a strong sense of confidence, high productivity, efficiency and balance can be met and felt by these amazing associates! 

VIP Business Audit Day

An on-site or virtual day to do a SWOT analysis of the 7 pillars of your business (Technology, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations & Process, The Team, and You: The Leader) and define your goals and strategy for the year.


Our strategic planning processes are based on technical handholding tailored to each client’s unique needs. We will get owners out of the weeds by developing strategies and processes that make the most of their time and maximize the contributions of every single team member and resource. We identify gaps and weaknesses and replace them with solutions, opportunities, and strengths.

We also provide outsourced Chief Officer support, either on an interim or a full-time basis. The goal is to enhance the technology, finance, marketing, and sales segments of the business. It’s a full C-Suite—in your hands!


Let’s get on the same page—and that begins—with the team. We offer a full array of team coaching capabilities, this is a necessity for any successful business. We start by identifying your needs and individualizing your top priorities. How can we make you more successful?


It all starts with the leader. What do you need? Annette, and her team, can help you reach your personal goals. How? Through message development, financial guidance, and optimizing your sales and marketing strategies.


We offer onsite facility or offsite facilitation of company retreats, of any size, on any topic that is their biggest challenge, or strategic planning for the year.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have the consistent support of a group in a confidential, non-judgment zone? In our iEvolution groups you will gain accountability, traction and clarity. Members are hand-picked and vetted business owners and professionals. This leadership development round table is like no other in the region. The experience is raw, real and productive. Want to see if you fit the mold? Contact Annette directly for more information and an interview for the group. Space is limited.

Business Done for You

Business growth can be challenging. When to grow, what hire to make next, what to delegate, how to delegate, managing cash flow, orchestrating all of the tasks and implementing the right process. Stepping out of the weeds and finding the right team and resources to help you can be the scariest part of being a business owner. Who can you really trust? Who will deliver what they say and what you really need? We have all been there. We have hired a vendor and they promise us a magic wand that will solve all of our problems. We invest real dollars only to get a disappointing result.

Let us take that stress off of your plate. With our business done for you approach we help you with this stage of growth. Let our team be your team. Our Finance, Marketing, and Hiring Teams are here for you. We have a vetted team that delivers. We can guide you strategically through the process to deliver the tactical pieces that you need. There is no need to waste time interviewing and sifting through vendor contracts.

Let us save you time and money by using the best of the best. You will be blown away by the quality and the efficiency of this process.

Bookkeeping, KPI reporting and Dashboarding, Tax Preparation

Branding, Web Development, Digital Design, Print Design

Recruiting & Placement, Interviewing, Negotiating for Hire

Don’t be alone anymore. Outsource your team through us. Let our team be your team.

Don’t be afraid to give up the good for the great.