You don’t lose clients because your competition has a better product or service. You lose them due to confusion. That’s why you need to get crystal clear on your pitch, what’s the value you can give them and a killer offer.

Confused buyers, do not buy.

Consider what you read next, the sales pep talk you didn’t think you needed right now.

Knowing your ideal client is essential for your business and understanding who you’re selling to but they are not magically going to come and buy from you. If you want to be noticed, it’s you who needs to go into sales mode, have a formula that works and a process to follow on your sales calls.

A perfect formula should have: a structured framework for your calls, it should give you confidence, give you clarity and most important, clarity to your buyers.

Make sure to always share your business, tell people about your product and your services. Don’t be shy and promote them, it starts with a conversation. Set the tone and get things right from the beginning, be in charge and in control, otherwise you’ll have problems closing the sale.

Before the call, be clear of the purpose of it, what are you trying to achieve and what you want your client to know.

Never go swinging it and without a plan. Ask questions and engage, but really listen to what they say. You want them to open up and get motivated, get them to trust you and what you’re offering.

Be confident in your closing process, clients buy confidence, not confusion.

Lead your client through the process, don’t lose track of your goal, ask good questions and really pay attention, and without being pushy, transition smoothly to the sales pitch.

Don’t do this journey alone. It is very important to surround yourself with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Are you a business owner who wants to build your empire, work and delegate effectively, build your team and gain personal time back? I have a group of rockstars entrepreneurs, just like you. We have accountability bi-weekly meetings where we go through all topics that each could be struggling with. In our recent group meeting, we’ve gone deep in conversation about sales pitch confidence, which I brought and showed you a little piece in this blog.

If any of this is resonating with you right now, I encourage you to join us and benefit from all the work that we’ve been doing inside. In a judgement-free environment and a ton of proven resources, we talk about leadership, development and anything they need to. I’m grateful for this community and it is our most powerful platform, The Entrepreneur Evolution Empowerment Group. These entrepreneurs are leaders and still growing, and I’m very proud of them.


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Keep evolving entrepreneurs, I believe in you!

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