Today, this blog is all about the celebration of The Entrepreneur Evolution Podcast getting to its 100th episode! I couldn’t be more excited, and I want to start by thanking you. Thank you for your support, it’s been an amazing ride. This podcast was launched in the midst of 2020, and what a year we’ve had. Sharing stories with entrepreneurs like you, has honestly been a gift. A gift that keeps on giving. 

If you’re reading this blog for the first time, my name is Annette Walter, I’m an Operational Strategist, a Business Growth Coach, and a growth-minded entrepreneur just like you. I’m growing and scaling two businesses on the national level. I’ve created this community where entrepreneurs can feel surrounded, and learn everything on how to grow and scale their businesses. In this community they can continue to be curious learners and set out to achieve that freedom. 

It’s a great community that helps you grow your wealth and empire

Here’s a rundown of every fun interview episode, stay with me…it’s going to be fun!

So, I first started this podcast in a closet, yes! A closet on July 6th, 2020. I recorded the intro inside a closet and the funniest thing, I have a picture of that moment! Stay tuned to my social media…I may post it one of these days. 

Read through it, and when you find one that you want to listen to, go check it out in the Podcast. Let’s get started!

Alright, my first guest was Sophia Maroon, owner of Dress It Up Dressing, salad dressing. We talked right in the thick of summer and Covid-19 in 2020, she shared a real and honest view about her company, the quick shutdown of orders and inventory, and everything she was going through with the pandemic. Check out that episode here: 1. Episode 1: Let’s Dress It Up with Sophia Maroon

Next, I was joined by Nikki Glekas, she is a passionate event planning rockstar, so she’s also in the food and beverage space. She recently launched an amazing YouTube channel focused toward the Mediterranean cuisine. She’s Greek, and does event planning in New Jersey. She has worked with Stadiums that had shut down, and now that everything is reopening she’s catering to all of the fans and guests in that area. 

She and I go way back, yes we’re college friends and let me tell you she’s such an amazing, tenacious, hard-working woman and I encourage you to listen to that episode, you’ll definitely gain a lot of inspiration from her. Check out that episode here: 3. Episode 2: A Passionate Event Planning Rockstar: Nikki Glekas

Episode five was with Ev Wright from Wright Academics. That episode came at the right time, we were all racking our brains to what education was going to look like for our children, our families, and friends. Wright Academics is here locally, they are an executive function and specialty tutoring company in the Towsend area. They do it virtually as well, and have been coaching a lot of college kids, specifically with that executive function. Check out that episode here: 5. Episode 3: Evolving on the Path of Education with Ev Wright

Episode seven was with Kim Dow, the owner of Sass Magazine. To hear her story of the last publication that was in print to then having to go digital because of Covid is inspiring. Check it out here: 7. Episode 4: The Evolution of Sass Magazine with Kimberly Dow, Owner

Then, it was Ella Pritsker’s turn. It was a style interview and her story about how she transformed in the past year. She recently launched a leisure and resort line for her clothing line that is pure amazingness. It looks good, it feels good, and it’s everything that you want to have in clothes. Show up in style in everything that you do, in your work world, your professional world, and in your leisure world. Check out her episode here: 9. Episode 5: Let’s Face it with Style with Ella Pritsker

Episode 11, I was joined by Kathleen Bands, owner of My Cleaning Services, a 50-year-old Commercial Janitorial and Post-Construction Cleaning company. She shared all about commercial cleaning and what life is looking like then and now for office space. She also dropped really good tips on how to have a healthy and clean commercial space, as it relates to what we are going through and what we have gone through with Covid-19. Check it out here: 11. Episode 6: Let’s Clean This Up with Kathleen Bands

Next, we had an episode with Sarah Koch. A young, tenacious entrepreneur, she’s the founder and owner of SK Creative Solutions. She is near and dear to my heart, she does all of our graphic design and web development, she actually works with a lot of my clients, and she just has a phenomenal story. A creative entrepreneur with a kind heart and a giving soul. I love that episode. Listen to it here: 13. Episode 7: SK Creative Solutions with Sarah Koch

Episode 15 was with Joan Floura, a founding Partner of Floura Teeter Landscape Architects. Floura reflected on starting the business as she celebrated her 20 year mark in the Maryland, DC and VA areas. She shared what motivates her as well as some helpful tips about building a business with a partner. She offered some wisdom about having a strong relationship with her partner throughout many years in an ever changing world. Check it out here: 15. Episode 8: The world of Landscape Architecture with Joan Floura

Next, we have the episode with Jennifer Collins. Owner & CEO of JDC Events, a live and digital event planning and management company. Do you remember going to the virtual conferences? She was the lead person figuring out things behind it. Her team rocked it. Honestly, the way that they responded to the way the world changed, was just admirable. She has an amazing team and business, so I know you will love that. Click here to listen! 19. Episode 10: JDC Events with Jennifer Collins

Then, I was joined by Sharon Lechter. She’s an entrepreneur, international speaker, best-selling author, mentor, philanthropist, licensed CPA (35 years), and Chartered Global Management Accountant, Sharon Lechter is the premier expert for financial literacy and entrepreneurial success. She gave many nuggets of information from the financial literacy standpoint. Check it out here: 21. Episode 11: Financial Impact with Sharon Lechter

Next, we went to Chicago with Sandy Marsico. She’s the owner of Sandstorm, a digital marketing firm. She is amazing in the psychology of tracking numbers, making sure that entrepreneurs are making a smart investment. Listen to it, you will learn so much about the digital marketing space and how collecting data about human behavior is so crucial. Sandy is a natural leader and genuinely shared her story with us about how she has grown her business over the past 21 years and fallen in love with it all over again. Go listen here: 23. Episode 12: Sandstorm with Sandy Marsico

The next one is one of my favorites! Lauren Asghari, Founder and Managing Director of Alderson Loop, a firm that provides consulting and project staffing services for technical and creative talent. Alderson Loop has made the Inc. 5000 list over the past three years and was recently ranked as one of Maryland’s Top 50 Women Owned companies. She and I met through the Women’s Presidents Organization, she’s in one of the groups I facilitated. You are going to gain so much knowledge and motivation from this interview! Check it out here: 25. Episode 13: Let’s Chat with Lauren Asghari!

The next interview we had was with Camille Burns, the CEO of the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO). You will feel so connected to Camille and her story and growth into the role of CEO. She also shared her perspective and passion for women-owned businesses. She is kind, smart and wise beyond her years. I simply adore Camille and I know you will gain so much from this episode. Listen to it here: 29. Episode 15: Women Presidents’ Organization with Camille Burns

Episode 31 was with Natalie Chay, owner of Wild Sol Jewelry. Another young tenacious entrepreneur with a beautiful product. A jewelry brand for freedom seekers, adventure lovers, and those who are enamored with nature. Hear about Natalie’s journey as a young entrepreneur and the evolution of her jewelry business. Natalie’s passion and authenticity shine through this interview, and I know she will brighten your day as she did mine! Check it here: 31. EPISODE 16: Wild Sol Jewelry with Natalie Chay

Then, I was joined by Rebeca Teaff. She is the owner of RedStart Creative, Redstart Creative is a branding and digital marketing company building and supporting brands for small businesses and nonprofits in the educational, environmental and family services space. Rebecca is a creative entrepreneur, problem solver, mom, nutrition enthusiast, and dreamer. Don’t miss it! 35. Episode 18: Redstart Creative with Rebecca Teaff

Next episode, we were joined by Harry Pappas, co-owner of multiple Rent-a-center franchises. Harry is a serial entrepreneur who is highly specialized in the franchise space. He has grown many franchise concepts throughout the years including Burger King, Krispy Kreme, Quiznos and Colortyme now Rent-a-center. You are going to love his story and gain so much from his knowledge and expertise. Listen here: 37. Episode 19: Rent-A-Center with Harry Pappas

Then, we popped over to The Modern Pop with Julie Podolec. Julie is the Co-founder & head of Sales and Marketing of Modern Pop, a simple ingredient frozen fruit bar brand.  She has a healthy alternative to popsicles, I love chocolate avocado (very yummy). As a marketing expert, Julie plays a very important role within the marketing and overall branding of the business. She has been a true visionary, marrying the influence of the Southern California lifestyle into the branding of food products. Listen to this episode here: 39. Episode 20: Let’s chat Modern Pop with Julie Podolec

The next episode was also in the food and beverage theme with Maggie’s fresh salsa. She started her company with an amazing recipe and only $800 to her name, and then sold her company for hundreds of millions of dollars to Campbell’s Soup. Here’s the episode: 41. Episode 21: Maggie’s All-Natural Fresh Salsa’s & Dips with Maggie Cook

Episode 43 was with Thibault Manekin, a purposeful and driven community leader.  In this episode, Thibault shared with us his early work making a global impact at Peace Players, a program challenging the hate that is driven by the fear of our differences through the game of basketball. This was a really popular episode on the Baltimore, local level, he and his family have done a wonderful job listening to people, you’ll love his style and approach. Check it out here: 43. Episode 22: Thibault Manekin: Building with a purpose for the community

Another great Baltimore leader Christopher Schafer. The founder and owner of Christopher Schafer Clothier.  Christopher learned the art of measuring & design  while living in London, a city that had a profound effect on his life.  He is so dynamic, I’ve known Chris for a long time, and it was great connecting with him, hearing about the past 10 years of the growth of his company, how COVID is treating his high-end brand, and how he is weathering the storm so well. Here’s the episode: 45. Episode 23: Dressing Your Best with Christopher Schafer Clothier

Staying in the clothing space, we actually popped up to New York with a global brand. A born entrepreneur, Deirdre Quinn is the Co-Founder and CEO of Lafayette 148 New York, a New York-based global lifestyle brand led by women for women. In 1996, she joined forces with two other fashion veterans and visionaries, Shun Yen Siu and Ida Siu, to create Lafayette 148, which they named after the address in SoHo where it was founded. Her clothes are amazing and comfortable, she was actually so grateful, she sent me the gorgeous outfit I wore on the podcast while we did the interview, and it was the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn. Don’t miss this episode!: 47. Episode 24: Lafayette 148 New York with Deirdre Quinn 

Now, we go back to the food and beverage industry with Lois and Bob Gamerman. They’re the owners of Soft Stuff, Distributors. Soft Stuff excels in providing new food and beverage solutions to the retail and food service industries. They are a local, independent, women-owned company serving the Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia market. Lois and Bob are a dynamic duo, always together and we talked about what it takes to be married and work together, but also how they expounded on their brand during COVID. Catch their episode here: 49. Episode 25: Let’s Chat Soft Stuff with Lois & Bob Gamerman

In the next interview, we went to the sports space with Baseball and Emily Jaenson. She is one of the stronger, and only female general managers in the Minor League Baseball Business. Her motto is “Be so good they won’t forget you!” and this motto has carried her through her career on a non-linear path to General Manager of the Triple-A Reno Aces. She has two boys and just had a little girl! How fun! Emily is on a mission to bring excellence and intention to her job every day so that she can shine the light for other women to pursue roles traditionally held by men. Check her episode here! 50. Episode 26: Leadership is Female with Emily Jaenson

Next, I was joined by Dino Signore Ph.D. of The Signore Group and also the Edward Lowe Foundation. As Education Manager at the Edward Lowe Foundation, Dino creates and facilitates business retreats for Second Stage business owners. Out of Chicago and, if you are interested in neuroscience and any type of psychology around entrepreneurship, This is the episode for you, a great podcast episode, so many good nuggets of information. I learned a lot from his conversation and you can too right here! 52. Episode 27: Dino Signore Ph. D. / The Entrepreneur Education

I was also joined by Hala Taha, another amazing young entrepreneurial woman. She’s the host of Young and Profiting and CEO of YAP Media. The Young and Profiting Podcast is a top 10 Self-Improvement podcast on Apple with over 1 million downloads. If you have a podcast, she is the woman to know, she’s hard working and knows about podcasting and other social media platforms, especially in the audio space like clubhouse and the newer platform that Spotify is rolling out. Check it out here: 54. Episode 28: Hala Taha Young & Profiting 

Next, I was joined by Dave Cummings of Cummings & Co. Realtors. He was my first coaching client at iEvolve Consulting! I’d like to thank him for sparking this business idea. He came to me saying, Annette I need an operational strategist, just sit with me and help me grow. And so we did! He started at one location and now he’s over 500 Real Estate agents, and 10 or 12 locations in the Baltimore area. Great story, listen to it here: 56. Episode 29. Cummings & Co. Realtors with Dave Cummings 

Episode 58 was with Andrew Buerger from Pain to Passion. He’s an author, dedicated to his mission. A great story from being in a family business, to then having to close it, to going into the food and beverage business to then working on his true passion. Amazing story, I loved it very much. Please listen to it here: 58. Episode 30: From Pain to Passion with Andrew Buerger

Next, I was joined by Jordan Amatea, the founder of Base Culture, a gluten-free, paleo friendly bakery. At the young age of 22, she successfully created a line of baked goods out of her passion for the Paleo lifestyle and the desire for convenient, delicious, clean products that followed those guidelines. What I liked about her story is that she was just having her second child, and she brought in a President and CEO, this way she could step out of her business and not run the day to day, and be fully present with her family. Talk about evolving! Listen to it here: 60. Episode 31: Base Culture with Jordann Amatea: Simple. Natural. Primal

Episode 62! This episode was with Raquel Wilson of Peachtree Versatile Assistants (Peachtree VA). If you’re looking for hiring good labor right now, she’s the person to call. I’ve hired two people one for Timber Industries and one for iEvolve Consulting and they are still with me to this day. In this episode she gives good tidbits about the right process in your organization. Go check it out! 62. Episode 32: Hiring Versatile Assistants

This next episode is a gem! In this one I shared my story, what I do, how I got here and I got to answer questions that you’ve asked me up to that point. Don’t miss it: 64. Episode 33: Annette Walter—The CEO, The Coach, The Mom

Then we went to Utah with Michelle Sauk, a serial entrepreneur and commercial banker. She owns multiple coffee shops in Utah and a Gymnastics company called Gymcats Gymnastics. You will learn so much from Michele and her story.  She shares her knowledge about using your corporate expertise and network to grow your entrepreneurial empire. Listen to it here: 66. Episode 34: Michele Sauk: Commercial Banker and Serial Entrepreneur 

Then, I was joined by my dad (how exciting!). The OG entrepreneur and my hero. Dad currently owns and operates a neighborhood bar & restaurant, The Ridge Inn.  He loves the work he does, his customers are his community, his socialization, his outlet and his hobby.  At age 81, working 7 days a week, his work keeps him active, moving and his heart happy and light. Listen to our conversation here: 68. Episode 35: My Dad, My Hero and the OG Entrepreneur

Next, we had Jason Hisley with Cakes by Jason. He’s a rockstar national brand! He’s won Cupcake Wars and a few Food Network championships. Check out his story here: 72. Episode 37: Let’s Celebrate the Sweet Life with Jason Hisley, Cake by Jason

Another local Baltimore amazing guy, Alex Jacobs. Owner and founder of Coppermine. Listen to his strategy about growing through, acquiring merges and Real Estate. Listen to it here: 74. Episode #38 Achieving Excellence with Alex Jacobs of Coppermine

If you’re looking to learn about intellectual property and patents, this is the episode for you. Amy Fazackerley is the owner of Lay-n-Go, a product solution to packing and cleaning up an array of items used regularly such as toys or make-up products. Amy came up with the idea out of necessity, realizing there was no good solution out there. It was the needed solution to hours of play, without the hours of cleanup. It has since expanded to include other useful solutions for individuals like cosmetic cases, tech accessories, and even military bag needs for emergency responders. Check it out here! 76. Episode #39: Lay-n-Go with Amy Fazackerley

Next, we were joined by Shana Cosgrove. Shana, is the founder, owner, and CEO of Nyla Technology Solutions, Inc., and she is also a managing partner at VitalUP Marketing. Nyla is a woman-owned, small business, providing software systems development services to the federal government. Check it out here: 80. Episode #41: Let’s talk Government Contracting & Marketing with Shana Cosgrove 

Episode 82 was with Eva Claire Synkowski, health and wellness extraordinaire and owner of OptimizeMe Nutrition. Eva Claire is an expert when it comes to these topics, and seeks out well-rounded offerings to her clients that’ll improve health and create sustainable wellness goals. I love her take on nutrition because she talks about adding things versus taking things away. Don’t miss her episode: 82. Episode #42: OptimizeMe Nutrition with Eva Claire Synkowski 

In this next episode, I was joined back with Julie Podolec. It was actually in the Entrepreneur Evolution Live Show. I’m doing this to see any updates and evolution in their businesses. I mean, it’s called The Entrepreneur Evolution right? Check it out here: 84. Episode #43: Let’s Chat Modern Pop with Julie Podolec 

Next, we had Sarah Stein of MamaThis app. She launched an app while working as a rockstar corporate executive in the insurance space. Her app is instacart meets your best group of girlfriends. You’re helping each other, supporting each other, and growing your network within it. Listen to it here: 89. Episode #45: Mama This with Sara Stein

Another great episode! This one is with Stacy Tuschl, best-selling author and speaker, owner of multiple businesses, and founder of Foot Traffic Formula. She launched a very successful online digital business, called foot traffic formula. She teaches entrepreneurs and small business owners how to gain more foot traffic online into their business. Enjoy it here: 91. Episode #46: Foot Traffic Formula with Stacy Tuschl

Next, we were joined by Kari Warberg Block. She’s a mother, author, and business owner. Kari became heavily invested in pesticides and the harmful effects they can cause, which lead to her creation of EarthKind, which promotes safe and sustainable pest products that are better for our environment, our families, our children, and ourselves. She’ll tell the funny story when a mouse ran up her leg while she was on a date and you won’t believe what she did but next thing you know, she’s on the shelves of Lowe’s and Target with a multimillion dollar national company and brand. Listen to it here: 93. Episode #47: EarthKind with Kari Warberg Block

This episode is with Carol Soman, the president of two businesses: Dashboard NY and Fix Your Books 911. Carol has a professional background that gives her all the merit in her two companies. Her background in finance, combined with sales and business development, put her in the unique position to help clients learn more about their business practices in order to “increase their take home income, the market value of their business, and their overall quality of life.” Check it out! 95. Episode #48: Dashboard NY and Fix Your Books 911 with Carol Soman

One of my favorites! This episode was with Amy John of Training House Gym. She taught us what it means to “train like an athlete” as we learned about her business and entrepreneur life as a gym owner. She’s an educator turned entrepreneur. She bought her local gym with her husband Andy John, a good story of culture that she’s created. She also joins me back on the live show, so make sure to check it out here: 97. Episode #49: LIVE with Amy John of Training House Gym

Go check out these or any of the episodes over there in The Entrepreneur Evolution Podcast. All of these men and women are complete rockstars. I’ve gained so much inspiration from them, to have this moment with each of them, and for them to share their real story, and be vulnerable on this podcast. I’m so thankful for them to show up for us and for you. This is what fills my cup and my soul, and although it has been a lot of work, it’s been even more rewarding. More than what I could’ve imagined. 

I hope that you all know how deeply tied I am to the work you all are doing out there as business owners. I see you entrepreneur, I get you. 

I’m also living the sleepless nights with you, I’m living the rollercoaster ride with you, the highs and the lows, and I couldn’t be more proud of you for continuing to show up, to be innovative, and courageous.

Keep evolving entrepreneur, I believe in you!

Don’t do this journey alone. It is very important to surround yourself with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

I’m grateful for this community and our most powerful platform, The Entrepreneur Evolution Empowerment Group. A group of rockstars entrepreneurs that are on the way to five million and 10 million dollars in revenue. We have accountability bi-weekly meetings where we go through topics of leadership, development and tons of resources. These entrepreneurs are leaders and still growing, and I’m very proud of them. 


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