Episode 102. Express Tip #51: Going Back to Your Basics

Annette Walter

July 7, 2021

There comes a time in the year (or several times) that you may end up being pulled in multiple directions, your schedule changes, and life changes a little bit as you know it. In these times you may start doubting yourself, what you’re doing, what your vision is, and even moving away from your vision and mission in your business. 

Today, I want to bring you back from that with a really quick exercise that’ll help ground you, redefine your vision, and keep you on track.

Here’s what I want you to do. Find a quiet space where you can concentrate, grab a pen, some paper, a glass of wine, or coffee (or whatever rocks your boat). Next, you’re going to do a word dump. Start to write down as many words that come to mind about you, about your business, your product or your service, your life and your work, what keeps you balanced and in harmony, and what you want in life. Don’t hold back.  

Write down as many words as you can, that relates to you, your life, and your business. Take your time, and when you think you’re finished, categorize and group these words together. It can be personal, business, and family, or however you want to group them. You should see some common themes. Then, as you group those words together, I want you to think about this sentence:


I help __________________ with ______________________. 


It’s gonna come to you and stand out to you what you really do, your vision, your purpose, and where you want to go

If you’re feeling like you’re getting away from your purpose any time of the year, do this quick exercise. Sometimes we can shy away from things in our business because we are very busy with everything else. I want to bring you back to that and help redefine your vision and your business. This was actually a tip that was given to me by Megan Sumrell. I interviewed Megan in The Entrepreneur Evolution Podcast, she helps women master time management, organization, and productivity. If you want to check it out, go to this link and listen to it, you won’t regret it: 101. Episode #51: Productivity and Time Management with Megan Sumrell

Back to the exercise, let me know what you discover when you do it, what you uncover, what you go back to what you go away from, anything! I want to hear from you! 

I want you to carve out some time for you and your business, don’t be shy, and make sure you book a call with me. It’s the first step in propelling and scaling your business to the next level. 

Just know that you’re doing a great job out there entrepreneur, take time to really work hard and play hard and get back to your basics. 

Thank you for being here. You are the reason why I am here, 


Keep evolving entrepreneur, I am so proud of you.