Episode 110. Express Tip #55: The Power of What You Are Feeding Your Mind

Annette Walter

August 5, 2021

What you surround yourself with says a lot about what you’re creating for your life. We should all pay close attention to what we are feeding our minds, the information we receive, can come out and not in the best way. 

Be careful with what you’re doing right before you go to bed. What you see, read, and listen to, is most likely programming your brain. Studies have said that using your phone right before going to sleep is what the majority of people are doing now and although it might feel relaxing at the moment, checking social media and all, it will have a negative impact on your sleep. Yes, social media connects people, sometimes it brings friends and families closer together, it informs us, and it’s entertaining. The key is to be aware and mindful of how often you check your accounts and at what times you do it, especially before going to sleep. 

The information you’re getting from your environment might be blocking you from reaching your goals

Make sure you are feeding your mind, your subconscious with strong, and positive information, this also goes with conversations that you might be having in your social sphere, even at your work. If you have toxic and negative people around you, this can be blocking you from reaching your goals and the things that you’re dreaming about. If you feel like you have toxic people around you or see yourself reading lots of toxic news, be aware and create healthy boundaries

Follow only accounts or people that uplift you and make you feel better, you’re going to feel the impact of feeding your mind with information, people, and news that are good for you, your growth, and your evolution. 

Create strong boundaries for yourself, with the people around you, and the information you read to not only have good things flowing to you and through you but to feel more at peace and happy. It’s essential to make an effort to improve your life and the way you feel. Always. 

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Don’t do this journey alone. It is very important to surround yourself with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

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