Episode 128. Express Tip #64: Who’s Job am I Doing?

Annette Walter

October 5, 2021

Are you making the most of your time and talent in your business? Do you want a business where you can have more time to work on what really moves the needle? No more frustration and suffering, please keep reading. 

You’re doing a task, you realize you are not happy to do it, it takes you longer than it should, you get distracted with anything and everything, and you wish to be doing what you really love and were born to do. Do these things resonate?

Who’s job am I doing right now?

Here is an important question I want you to ask yourself the next time you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck about your business not growing, and ready to pull your hair out. The question is: Who’s job am I doing right now? If it’s your job, and you’re the answer, then that’s great. If it’s a job that could be done by an assistant, a bookkeeper, a social media person, a salesperson, you need to start identifying who those people are around you because chances are you can delegate it or hire a new person. This is one of the best ways to grow and scale your business: delegate or hire.

You’re a leader, and you can get things done with a good and efficient team. Leadership is guiding a group of people towards a goal, so lead your team to get the things done. No more having those moments where your chest feels a little tight, you’re panicking, or rushing, because you’re doing a task outside of your genius zone. Remember to ask yourself the question, “who’s job am I doing right now?”.

As you start to make note of the different things that you shouldn’t be doing, you’re creating a job description for your next best hire. Over the next couple of weeks, you will have a specific list of exactly what you want this next hire in your organization to do. Oftentimes, we don’t even know what we need next, but when we start to pay attention, instead of complaining and letting the weeks melt by, that’s when we can make huge progress in our business. Bring awareness to it, jot it down, make notes, a list, and it’ll develop your next hire’s job description. 

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You’re going to make huge progress, once you go through this program. You’ll learn how to identify when do you need to hire in your company, set a proper process to interview them, and know who to choose after it. 

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Keep evolving entrepreneur! I see you, I get you, and I’m so proud of you. 

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