Episode 144. Express Tip #72 Two tips for time efficiencies

Annette Walter

November 30, 2021

Recently, together with my rockstar assistant, we went through all of 2022 and we blocked out all my recurring meetings, we categorized and blocked them with specific times in my calendar, even my slower or off days. We did it to make sure that they’re happening on the day and during the week that we set them up. I can’t handle a scattered, crazy, and chaotic approach and I don’t want you to do it too. 

That’s why I decided to tell you all about two tips I use for managing time more efficiently and making time to regroup and recover regularly. They will help you chart out your week and turn out your month as you are looking into what 2022 looks like for you. 


A-B Weeks or Months

The first strategy is what I call “A” and “B” weeks or months. Let’s say you are having an “A” week, which means for that workweek, you are ON. You are ready to go, client-facing, networking out and about, running meetings, and being hands-on and productive. 

On the other hand, if you’re having a “B” week, you’re then recovering and regrouping. These are catch-up weeks. You use that time to unwind, to think creatively and strategically about your business. 

So when you are having several challenging weeks in a row, plan and block time in your calendar to take care of yourself. You need that time to regroup, catch up and come back stronger and healthier. Not every day we feel like being on and you need those down days to repair and continue to be efficient in your business. Whichever works best for you, plan it and block those days/weeks in your calendar. 


Block a “CEO day” 

I do my best to have a CEO day every Friday. So, what does the CEO day look like? It’s a dedicated day where no meetings are scheduled. You take that time to officially regroup, don’t spend it in the business because you are doing something for yourself, for your self-care. Perhaps you can dedicate it to learning, coaching, or figuring out where to invest next in your business. It’s a moment to practice your hobby or to be outside in nature, read your favorite book, etc. They may not always happen but that’s okay. Sometimes I have meetings on Friday because I’ve run out of time to schedule them on my “A” days. I’m making that rule, I am bending that boundary and I’m 100% okay with it because I know for the most part I get that day back on most Fridays. 

So hopefully one or both of these methods can be useful for you and your business. Translate it to however it works and resonates with you, either A-B days/weeks or having a CEO-day during the week to regroup, focus and take care of yourself. It doesn’t have to be every week, it can be once a month or once a quarter. The important part is that once you block that time on your calendar and set your schedule how you want it to be, you must not change it.

I can’t stress this enough. Sometimes it seems like you’ll never get there but if you take time to map it out, it will change your life and your productivity. 

I want to hear from you! Let me know when you’ve applied it to your life and business and how much it has helped you. If you want to schedule some time to tell me all about it, email me at YouRock@ievolveconsulting.com or book a free 20-minute breakthrough session!

Keep evolving, entrepreneur! I see you, I get you, and I’m so proud of you. 

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