Episode 152. Express Tip #76. Revisiting your old habits

Annette Walter

December 24, 2021

We all have certain habits that we want to break, maybe it’s Netflix before bed, or scrolling on social media before you even get out of bed in the morning, maybe you’re drinking too much coffee? Eating too much sugar? 

It’s that time of the year where we are kind of forced to revisit our habits for the past 12 months. What habits are actually helping you, which are the ones that are not. Although I encourage you to do this monthly or even seasonally, it is completely normal to get off track at times, especially during the holidays. 

But it’s just as important to revisit your good as well as your not so good habits. I know what it is for me, I know what is trying to be in check with bad habits. For instance, your sleep. Do you go to sleep at a decent hour and wake up already tired? Start by revisiting your nighttime routine and your morning routine because a good day starts the night before. If you can get that right, for the most part, as much as possible, you will remain consistent and disciplined. 

Break down the cycle of a bad habit, but how? Well, first identify what triggers the bad routine, be honest with yourself and point down which ones are not helping you achieve your personal/business goals. Then address what really needs to change so you can start to establish a pattern for your new and healthier habit. One that can help you make progress towards your desires, for instance, celebrating your small wins or scheduling your self-care activities. 

But also remember, we all are human and as seasons change, Holidays come and go, stress situations will happen. So when that occurs, I encourage you to take some time to jot down what you need to stop doing, what you need to let go of to improve, and what you need to go back to, in relation to your habits. Mastering the art of self-discipline, consistency, and saying no to distractions is not as easy as it sounds but it’ll move you closer to your objectives. Your future self will thank you for that. 

Okay, let’s recap! Make the time to revisit your habits from time to time. Need to change a specific bad habit? Break down its cycle by identifying what triggers it and direct it to what you want to be doing instead. This is to start the pattern for the new and better habit. Feeling stressed with seasonal changes or Holidays? Write it all down, what you need to stop doing, let go of or go back to (if that’s the case). Stay consistent and keep going even when you don’t feel like it. And don’t be scared to say No. 

Instead of sitting back and letting life happen to you, be proactive about changing your habits for the better. 

I hope you enjoy this quick tips and that they help you in some way. They really are meant to give you a pep in your step. Still don’t know how to break a habit? Reach out to me at yourock@ievolveconsulting.com and together we’ll unwind it and set the new pattern that will get you closer to what you want. See you soon! 

Keep evolving, entrepreneur! I see you, I get you, and I’m so proud of you. 

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