Episode 184. Express Tip #92: Facts Versus Assumption

Annette Walter

April 29, 2022

Too often we find ourselves immersed in a larger-than-life to-do list. Who said entrepreneurship was easy, right? The decision-making process is an important part of our daily lives, but making big business decisions may cause a lot of stress that isn’t always necessary. 

To make sure we comply with every single task on our never-ending list of things to do, we often jump to conclusions without all the facts, which can potentially be dangerous. First, when we assume, we fail to communicate. We stop listening in favor of making up a story in our head and it can negatively impact the progress of a project and completely spin our entire world out of control. 

It is a fairly common occurrence, but in my experience, if you just hit the brakes, take a deep breath, and collect the facts, you can get back on track. 

How do we stop making assumptions?

Assumptions damage our capacity to relate to others. We stop listening and communicating when we assume we know how others think and feel. Assuming creates unnecessary stress, it wastes time and energy, and creates confusion. So, how do we stop assuming?

  1. Let’s start by acknowledging it can often happen. It is a human trait, and we cannot avoid it completely. But realizing that we are making assumptions, and adjusting our approach is enough to improve any situation. 
  2. Pay attention, listen carefully and completely. This is the first step of gathering the facts that we will need to make an informed decision.
  3. Ask questions. As many as we can, and often enough to make sure you understand all the facts. 

Mindfulness and awareness of the day-to-day operations allow us to be in the know of most of the issues happening around us. If we maintain an open and fluid communication, we can avoid the unnecessary stress that usually accompanies assumptions. 

Jumping to conclusions, on the other hand, is often identified as a toxic trait because it affects both our personal and professional relationships, which can also be harmful to our mental health. 

How to avoid jumping to conclusions?

  1. Identify the issue. Once we have a clear understanding of what needs to be done or fixed, we will be able to work on an action plan.
  2. Gather every available information. We need to be as informed as possible to tackle the issue from all available angles. This includes talking to every person involved.
  3. Brainstorm with your team. Bring to the table every possible idea, option, and alternative. 
  4. Every bit of information counts. Don’t be afraid to be creative.
  5. Ponder the alternatives. Analyzing all the potential solutions to determine what will work better for us.
  6. Make the decision. Once we’ve gathered all relevant information and analyzed the alternatives, it’s time to make a decision. Hopefully, after going through the previous steps, making the final decision won’t be too difficult.

You do not need more stress, worry, and anxiety in your life. Especially self-induced. When you feel like you are making important decisions based on assumptions, pause and ask yourself if what you have are truly the facts. Take a step back and breathe. There is no need to spiral out of control. Let’s take a moment to gather the facts and think clearly to make strong confident decisions. 

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Keep evolving, entrepreneur! I see you, I get you, and I’m so proud of you.

Keep evolving, entrepreneur! I see you, I get you, and I’m so proud of you. 

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