Let me tell you a story with a powerful message called The Chinese Bamboo Tree.

It says that when you plant the seeds for the Chinese Bamboo, you water, nurture and fertilize them for the first year but you won’t see any small sprout or anything above ground. You continue to water, nurture and fertilize them for the second year, again, no sprouts insight. You do it for the third year and still nothing. The fourth year and nothing. It isn’t until the fifth year of consistently watering and fertilizing the seeds that you actually see growth above soil. Then, as if it’s a miracle, it only takes the bamboo seeds six (6) weeks to grow 90 feet in the air. It seems it’s out of nowhere, it happens so quickly that people think it only takes six weeks for the bamboo tree to grow that tall. 

The tree develops a strong unseen foundation for the first five years to help it sustain its future growth. Bringing this parable into business, as an entrepreneur, you build a strong character when you work patiently and consistently towards your dreams. You learn to face and overcome any challenge and all of it is going to help you be ready to handle success.  

Let me ask you then, what do you think would happen if at some point before the fifth year, you stop watering the bamboo seeds? You will never be able to see the Chinese bamboo tree grow to its fullest potential. What happens in those five years of watering the ground? The roots underneath grow deeper and spread wider. The more water, nurture and love you give it, the stronger and taller it grows. 

It’s easier to quit when doubt or fear creeps in or when you feel other people’s business is more successful than yours. You are going at your own pace, showing the world why you’re the rockstar they need. 

So, I want you to remember this when you’re having moments of doubt, maybe feeling discouraged or thinking that something isn’t happening at the pace or speed you want: keep watering your ground, keep making it happen, stick to patience and determination and I promise you, you’ll see monumental growth happen. 

Good things are ahead and waiting for you, there is a Chinese Bamboo seed inside you…keep showing up, keep swinging the bat, keep the momentum and keep evolving entrepreneur; patience and faith is what this is all about. 

Does this Chinese Bamboo parable make you feel inspired? Do you think it’s true when it comes to your business success? Leave me all your thoughts in the comments below! 

Don’t do this journey alone. It is very important to surround yourself with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. 

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Keep evolving entrepreneurs, I believe in you!

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