Have you ever battled frustration because a certain goal hasn’t manifested the way you expected? Have you ever thought, when I get all or any of my dreams fulfilled, that’s when I’ll be truly joyful and happy? Today I want to address what’s called Destination Disease

First Theory

Spoiler alert! You don’t need to wait for anything to happen in order to be fully happy. And I’ll tell you how, but first, I want to cover this topic from both angles and the two theories that exist on Destination Disease. The first theory is when you work hard to reach a certain goal in your life, you get it and then by choice, you stop growing. A study says that after graduating high school, only 50% of people read an entire book within the rest of their life. People that suffer from this first type of Destination Disease, don’t continue to learn once they’ve reached a certain goal in their life. This might be once they finished high school, college, their Master’s degree, or even when they get married and have kids. 

Let me ask you then, once you reach a certain goal, a certain accomplishment, a certain level in your life, do you feel like you want to stop growing? Or are you a curious learner? Do you love to learn and evolve? The world is always changing, there are great things and wonderful opportunities everywhere. If you ever feel like you have plateaued, stalled or gotten to a spot and you’re simply content, do your best to shake things off and continue evolving because the world needs more of you, and your talent. 

Second Theory

The second theory says that you may be so driven and on a mission to get to a certain goal, perhaps it’s a certain revenue level in your company, or having three kids and a husband, or maybe a job that you feel comfortable in, maybe it is getting into a new home and building a life there, but you become so obsessed with the goal that you lose yourself and become completely distant from the journey.

Picture yourself sitting in traffic. You are determined to go to this specific place, maybe you’re thinking you’re going to be a little late and everyone else is going to get there before you. You are focused and let’s be honest, a little nervous. Spring has sprung, so there are flowers blooming all around you, your radio is playing one of your favorite songs and maybe your kids are in the back laughing and making jokes. In the meantime, you are thinking why is the car in front of you not going fast enough? You just missed that life moment with them. 

If you find yourself in that scenario, I want to remind you, it’s ok to stop and smell the flowers and enjoy the journey towards your goals. Ground yourself in love, go back to your purpose and what makes you passionate, and focus on being present, enjoy all the aspects of it. 

There are so many ways to learn and evolve nowadays, from surrounding yourself with new people, reading books and blogs (wink-wink), to listening to podcasts, etc. The possibilities are endless and here, on iEvolve Consulting, we have cool businesses and entrepreneurs that we help grow and be accountable with their goals. If you feel you need help to process whatever is happening in your business with someone, I am here. Book a free 20 minute breakthrough session with me, take me up on it, I want to help you and your business. I promise a safe, judgment-free, stress-free zone just for you. This is what fills my bucket, people. This is what I love to do. I am passionate beyond belief about entrepreneurs, their journey and evolution.

Do any of the two theories resonate with you? Have you ever “suffered” from destination disease? I want you to use this as a sign to reflect on how you’re showing up in life right now. You have planted so many seeds in your business, waiting for them to harvest, continuously showing up and watering them all. Please remember to enjoy the journey with patience and love. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Don’t do this journey alone. It is very important to surround yourself with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. 

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Keep evolving entrepreneurs, I believe in you!

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