Is the client always right? And do they get to do what they want once they hire you? 

If you answer Yes to one or both of these questions, this is for you. 

Constantly prioritizing the needs of your clients over your needs and letting them go around your boundaries and processes in your business just because they are your A+ clients (i.e. your favorite ones), will make you overwhelmed and tired. 

Successful business owners and entrepreneurs create, respect, and follow their processes. 

Think about your A+ clients, they are the ones I call low-maintenance/high-profit. If you’ve worked with me in my coaching, you know how we categorize clients into high-maintenance/low-maintenance, high-profit/low-profit, and the different categories within those subject areas. So I want you to think about your rockstar clients, your dream clients, and I want you to analyze and look at what you are saying yes to with them. 

Oftentimes, you’ll do anything for these clients. I mean, they are your favorite ones. They are the ones that are amazing and you want more like them. But! I want you to be aware of what you are saying yes to because what I know happens with our A+ clients is we say yes, we bend our boundaries, we bend our processes, we kind of break our own rules to accommodate them because we do enjoy working with them. 

So let’s say two weeks ago that an A+ client canceled an appointment with you and then did it again the next week, although you had to squeeze your time for the second appointment to be able to see them. You got stood up. Here’s what I want you to do, next time you do have an appointment with that client, inform them or remind them of your cancellation policy. Don’t have one? It’s time to create it. 

The same happens when those clients don’t pay on time and you let it slide just because you like them or they are familiar. If it happens repeatedly, tell them or remind them about your extra fee for late payments. Don’t have one? You know what to do!

What happens when you keep on saying yes and accommodating your A+ clients outside of your typical protocol process and boundaries, they start to become your non-favorite clients. They start to become C and D clients, the high-maintenance/low-profit ones, so what happens next? You start to really have some resentment and they turn into your biggest P.I.T.A., which if you know me you know that acronym refers to pain in the… you know what, clients. 

I know you have at least one client in mind right now that embodies those examples. That person was your dream client, started off as the perfect client and now you roll your eyes every time they call or message you…and now you don’t know what to do. 

Don’t feel bad, it’s happened to the best of us. But the truth is, you made that happen, you let that happen. You stepped out of your boundaries, didn’t follow your process and protocol, and bent the rules too many times.

Dear entrepreneur, nothing will change until you do. 

It is possible to take care of your business without being spread too thin and overstretched for your clients. 

Take a look right now at all your A+ clients, make sure you are realigning with them, make sure you are communicating fairly so that they respect and continue to follow your processes, boundaries, expertise, and offerings. This way you can continue to show up for them the way you want to.

Does this resonate with you? Need help setting up important processes and protocols in your business?  

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