Shifting into summer, your entire routine changes, it just simply does. You’re in a dual working household, with children out of school, you’re trying to grow your business, and build your wealth but also tend to your family, all at the same time. You’re feeling like the wheels are just flying off. You’re feeling like treading water, you go under the water trying to bob back above it, you can barely catch your breath when it goes bobbing below the water again. If everyday you’re thinking, how am I ever going to figure this out and get everything done?


Yeah, you need to find a new rhythm. 

It’s important to understand that it’s not about balance or integration, but embracing the chaos, and finding a different way to get things done. Finding a better way for you, your family and business, so that you can still enjoy the moments, enjoy the season with everyone without losing yourself in the process. So here’s three quick tips on how to find your rhythm this summer. 



Look at your week in advance, and try to plan as detailed as possible. If you can’t get that far in advance, try two nights before or at least, the night before. Map out what is on the horizon, not only the activity itself but what you need for that specific activity. For example, if you need to pack food for everyone in your family, that means prepping the food beforehand. Do you need to go to the grocery store or do you have everything in the house? Plan the different dinners with all the details, who’s cooking or are you getting takeout? Write everything, where is everyone going, the logistics, the cars or the changing of the cars, and the carpools. Whew! I know what you’re going through right now. Take my word when I tell you to look as far in advance as you possibly can, and map out all the details. Get them out of your head and into the paper, it’ll help you declutter your thoughts and make you feel less anxious. 



I talk about this all the time, it is very important to communicate the details, there’s no point if you’re the only one that knows what’s up and everyone else is out of the loop. What I started with Shawn is every morning we make the time to talk about what’s going on with Team Walter. Who’s staying in the house and who’s with the boys that day. Where are the boys going to be, what are the boys’ schedules, what camps do they have, etc. And let me tell you, we did it for a few days and for some reason one day we couldn’t do it so that day, everyone was scattered all over the place, and asking where the schedule and plan was. 

When the boys come down in the morning, they have their schedules outlined on a piece of handwritten paper so that they know what their day looks like. They know when they need to be dressed and where they need to be, even what stuff they need to pack in their bag to be ready to go.

This really grounded me, oftentimes we have all these plans in our head and we know what’s happening logistically, but we haven’t told everybody or communicated it to everyone and they want to know because they’re feeling the same way. So when you have the plan, communicate it to everyone involved, even your children.



You did the plan, everyone knows it, so now take a step back for the day to figure itself out. Everyone right now is in crazy crazy summer mode with the floodgates opening post COVID and it feels completely overwhelming, it feels stressful at times but guess what, you can do this. 

Now’s not the time to rethink your entire life and work strategy. This isn’t the time in case you’ve had those thoughts. Now is the time to find your rhythm and get through it, continue to have fun, continue to build your business and deliver the quality services and products that you do. 

Do as much mapping and planning as you can as far in advance as it feels right for you. Communicate it to everyone involved, even your kids and then step back, take a deep breath and know that it will be okay. 


Faith over fear and action over worry–Annette Walter

I hope this helps entrepreneurs. I am really proud of you. 

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