Fear. It’s almost certainly present in your life right now.

One glance at the news and you can see fear play itself out in panic and pandemonium. Recently Ivy Leagues schools, state governments, and countless businesses have shut down or suspended operations until further notice. Fear is swirling all around us, and it has the potential to become destructive. BUT what if I offered you a way to put fear in your back pocket? What if you could allow fear to FUEL you and carry you forward? If you felt a little peace just thinking of those possibilities, keep reading. Below we’ll offer you a 3-step process for turning fear into fuel, in business and in life.

1.     Identify your fear.

Identify how your body is feeling and accept that feeling fearful is natural. Fear is designed to protect us from potential threats. Does your neck feel tight? Are you getting headaches? Maybe your back feels tense, or you feel an impending sense of dread. Whatever your symptoms, identifying your fear and how it presents itself increases your sense of presence.

2.     Breathe through it.

Take big inhales in and big exhales out. A good breath count is inhale in for 5 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, and exhale for 5 seconds. Concentrating on your breathing resets your brain and relaxes your body. Listen to your body, and be patient with yourself.

3.     Give fear gratitude.

This step will help you gain a healthier perspective on fear and allow you to move forward with confidence. Being grateful for something that makes you feel uncomfortable may seem backwards, but consider the following questions. First, what is this teaching me? Then, what is the good that can come from this? And finally, what is the opportunity here? Boldly step into the growth and wisdom that can come from these difficult, uncomfortable situations.

These steps are merely guides for you to process the real, raw emotions that accompany wide-sweeping global events. Fear challenges us to grow and reconsider habits in our lives. Maybe those habits include consuming excessive media or surrounding yourself with negativity. Maybe those habits are amazing, healthy and include seeking people who are POSITIVE and INSPIRE you! Fear forces you to control what you can control and to adjust what you don’t like. Ultimately, you get to determine what your life looks like. Though circumstances may bring about uncomfortable emotions and situations, YOU are in charge of how YOU respond.


Feeling inspired but don’t know where to begin? Start with the first step. If you’re looking for a place where you can show up real and leave feeling challenged and fulfilled…let’s EVOLVE together, personally and professionally!

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