At this point, you and your team have probably experienced more Zoom

calls then you ever wanted or thought possible. At this point, you and your team have probably experienced more Zoom calls than you ever wanted or thought possible. You might even find yourself running out of professional tops (but certainly not pants) to wear each morning as your team connects on video. If this sounds like you, chances are the Internet and your virtual work environment are starting to feel cluttered and potentially a little stale. We came up with three creative ways to infuse your team’s daily operations with creativity and fun. Read on to discover inspiring ways you and your team can sprinkle your Zoom calls with innovation and compassion.

Creative Labs

Now is the time to get creative with your team. Challenge them to develop a creative idea, then organize a call where your whole team shares their ideas. Many of the most popular apps and services today were born out of the 2008 recession including Uber and Airbnb. You never know what innovative or creative ideas your team may produce that might help elevate your business. By hosting and participating in creative virtual events, you will begin cultivating a culture of innovation which will benefit your company well beyond this period of remote work.

Tell All Session

Many of your team members are wearing multiple hats right now: wife, mother, father, son, teacher, chef, counselor, etc. Your team members are likely craving a safe space where they can vent and share their daily triumphs and struggles, so meet this need. Hold a “tell all” session where your team members share their “highs” and “lows” of the week, ask other parents schoolwork questions (because, let’s be honest…we all have them!), or share clever recipes. Leave the session open ended with the only rule being team members cannot talk about work. This session is meant for your team to connect beyond the projects they are working on and invest time in each other. Building a community of compassion and support will surely boost team morale and retention.

Happy Hour

Our team tried this one last week, and it was a nice way to unwind after a week that felt like it lasted nearly a year. Team members were able to share a drink (over Zoom) with each other and toast to making it through a crazy week of remote work. Whether your team decides on a happy hour or not, create an event they will look forward to at the end of each week. This could be virtual karaoke, revealing results from a weekly fitness challenge, or a giveaway you provide for your team. Any of these options give your team something to look forward to that will help keep them motivated and sane. 

We cannot control everything happening around us, but we can control what we do with our circumstances! Get creative and reach out to others if you need suggestions on how to inspire your team. I am here for you all, and we are in this together!

Comment below some of the creative ways your team is making remote work manageable.