Maybe you’re experiencing that rug-pulled-out-from-under-you,

stomach dropping feeling right now, and you are struggling. I have talked to many business owners over the past few weeks who have been feeling the very same thing. Many businesses saw huge growth and positive strides in the beginning of the year…they were off to such a great start. Then…COVID-19 happened. Maybe the pandemic threw a wrench in your business’ plans, and this quarter is not wrapping up anything like you thought it would back in January of 2020. If this is you, take a deep breath. Take a long exhale in, hold it for a count of four, and release your breath back out for a count of four as well. I hear you, friend, and I’m here to give you a roadmap.

Reflect on Positive Wins.

How do I get through this? What is the first step? I’ve heard these questions often and while the answers sound different for each person and business, a few universal steps are applicable to most situations. First, reflect on your positive wins in the past. Remember the times when you executed and saw positive progress in your life and your business. Recall the tough times you conquered and grew through difficult circumstances. Allow your positive memories to inspire further growth because, despite the incredible amount of change surrounding you, growth is still possible. It may not look the same as it has in the past, and that’s okay.

Control What You Can Control.

Second, focus on what you can control. If you find yourself worrying about a long list of things, write them down. Scratch out the things you cannot control and highlight the ones you can. From here, take some time to strategize how you can do your best in the areas you can control. Maybe this means cutting back costs, maybe it means motivating your team, or maybe it means calling a mentor to get sound advice. Whatever this looks like for you, focus on those highlighted areas of your life and your business where you can make progress and positive change.

Plan for the Ramp Up.

Finally, plan for the ramp up. There will be a time when we will come out of this weird space and when we do, being prepared with a business strategy will be valuable. Invest in preparation now to reap the benefits later. Utilize your increased flexibility to make your processes more efficient, curate content for social media, or attend virtual networking events in order to grow your contacts in a certain industry. These are simply suggestions; of course, there are countless ways to put yourself and your business in the best position possible when this season of social-distancing ends. Invest today to see results tomorrow.

Whatever your situation may look like right now, remind yourself this is a season. Seasons do not remain the same forever; seasons change. You may find yourself in winter right now, but be encouraged, spring is on its way!