Over the weekend, I received a panicked call from one of my clients.

You know, one of THOSE moments, an “Oh sh*t!” scenario. We’ve all been there; you need to make a time-sensitive or high-pressure decision, and you go into panic mode. I have found myself there a time or two, and I would like to take some time to explore this phenomenon. How can we move from making business decisions from a place of fear to making the same decisions from a place of strength and strategy? 

In working with my clients, one of the biggest areas of business where I see them enter panic mode is hiring vendors. Consider some of the most sought-after vendors right now: marketing, social media, and web development. Often business owners panic because they know they need to be in the online space but do not know how to get there. Then, a vendor, claiming to specialize in online marketing, web development, etc., comes in and promises the world. To the business owner, this seems like a no-brainer! They think they absolutely NEED a specific vendor because the vendor promises them a magic wand—unprecedented growth, innumerable leads, or taking their business “viral.” Here’s the problem: when you are in panic mode, you only hear what you want to hear, causing the vendor’s pitch to sound that much more appealing. Taking 2 steps back to pursue an objective perspective is HARD, especially when you feel pressured into finding a vendor FAST. Most times panic mode decisions are inefficient and definitely NOT cost effective. So…how do we move to a smarter, more efficient approach? 

To make decisions from strength and strategy, it is important to analyze your business’ needs and, if the scenario warrants it, bring in a consultant. Business coaches or consultants offer you an objective, third party perspective on the decisions your business is facing. With a business coach, you do not have to weather the “Oh Sh*t!” moments alone; you have someone to navigate them with. Your business coach is someone you can be real with, someone who will celebrate your successes and check-in with you regularly.

At iEvolve Consulting, we start with a CVI (Core Values Index) to analyze you, as the business owner, and your team. We break down every part of your business—its efficiencies, numbers, team, needs, and potential for growth. From here, we create a plan tailored to YOU and YOUR business. We specialize in efficiencies. We are able to come along side you and help you take the next step toward growing your business. Now, THAT makes a lot of sense. 

Interested in optimizing your business’ growth? Let’s get connected! We are here for all of your “Oh Sh*t!” business moments—whatever they may be.

Contact: YouRock@iEvolveConsulting.com