Some call them habits, I call them Standards.

You can call them boundaries, your own rules, your way of life or personal expectations. Whatever you choose, below are 5 important things to support your personal journey through your day to day life routine.

1. Write them down
You can have how many standards you would like. You can include whatever you want. This is your list. Some of mine include; rise early, 2 cups of coffee/day, 8 hours of sleep/night, journal & practice gratitude first thing in the morning, sweat daily, content/create before consuming/emails. I could go on and I am happy to share my full list with you personally if you email/DM me.

2. Make sure they are yours
There is so much information out there clouding our minds in both positive and negative ways. Make sure that these standards or mini-habits are yours. If they aren’t true to you or something you aren’t connected to or passionate about, you won’t stick to them. Just because one of the big news channels on social media states in an article that most CEOs wake up at 4:30am, doesn’t mean you have to. Don’t put that pressure on yourself if it isn’t an important, impactful standard for you. Are you with me?

3. Look at them daily
So, I keep my personal standards list in my journal. I have a mini-notebook that is divided into three sections with three different paper styles and I categorizing the notebook into 6 sections using the first beginning and the end of each section. One part is for journaling and another part if called Mapping where I sketch out the visions in my head…new divisions, new products, whatever is on my mind. This is where I keep my standards. I have them mapped out here. If you want me to share the other sections on my daily check-in note book, feel free to dm/email me. I am happy to share.

4. Revisit them often and update as needed
Seasons change, demands change, schedules changes. Be flexible, real and honest here. Don’t be afraid to add, edit or delete what’s working or not working. You are not a failure if you tweak along the way. Be realistic with yourself.

5. Practice them and stick to them
Only you know your own rules, boundaries and limitations. These are your standards Only you know if you are breaking or bending your rules. If they are that important to you and you know that they are there to improve your well-being and help you be happy and grow, then stick to them. You owe it to yourself. You got this! Keep the momentum….the best is yet to come!