On average, we have around 3,000 thoughts per hour.

In quarantine, with more time to ourselves, we probably have more. This week, I have been growing deeper in self-awareness diving into my thought life. What am I thinking during times of anxiety, fear, or worry? What am I thinking during times of joy, celebration, and excitement? Then, what words are coming out of my mouth, and how are those words connected to my thoughts?

I have come to realize, in my own life, that my thoughts and words have power. They have power to inspire change, build up, and create. They have power to bring dreams to life and put things into perspective. Our words have a ripple effect on ourselves and those who hear them. If our thoughts and words have such a large impact, then, how do we make sure we are thinking and speaking positive, victorious, abundant thoughts? Keep reading to find out.

Victorious Thoughts

If you do not talk to your thoughts, your thoughts will talk to you. Our thoughts have a funny way of framing our reality. Have you ever been in a situation where a sibling or friend remembers a situation in a completely different way than you do? Oftentimes this is because our thoughts alter our reality. This is why practicing gratitude is so important. Gratitude is feeling appreciative for something, so the thoughts that follow gratitude are positive thoughts of appreciation for what we have. Notice gratitude does not focus on what we lack. Gratitude focuses on the positive while discontentment focuses on the negative. There are very real emotions tied up in each of these practices. Generally, gratitude brings peace and satisfaction while discontentment brings anxiety, worry, and resentment. Taking control of your thoughts is crucial to being grounded and content! Think thoughts of victory, abundance, and positivity.

From Thoughts to Words

You give your thoughts life when you say them out loud. You are probably aware of this to some extent in your own life. Think about times when you have spoken encouraging, life-giving words to a friend, family member, or colleague. Speaking positive words make both you and the recipient feel uplifted. In contrast, think of a time when someone spoke negative words over you. You can still probably remember the exact words that person used! This concept is not merely conjecture. Relationship psychology has a ratio called the “5-to-1 Ratio.” The 5-to-1 ratio explains that for every one negative interaction between people, there must be 5 positive interactions in order to maintain a positive relationship with that individual. If you are looking for a personal or professional checkpoint in your relationships, consider taking stock of the thoughts in your head and the words you speak.

To Wish, To Dream, To Manifest

Now, you might be saying, Okay, Annette, I know thoughts and words are important in my relationships, but how does this relate to my professional ambitions? Fantastic question, friend! Our thoughts and words impact how we wish, dream, and manifest in our professional lives.

I define a wish as a strong desire to attain something BIG! For me, this looks like completing a marathon. Sometimes wishes are so big and broad they seem almost unattainable but having a wish is an important steppingstone to having a dream. If you let your thoughts talk you out of your wish, you will never have the audacity to dream! Thinking and speaking life over your wishes empower you to take the next step. A dream is a series of thoughts that materialize in an aspiration or ambition. This is where your wish starts to materialize into something concrete. But notice, your THOUGHTS must first take shape before your dream can follow suit and take shape as well. You manifest your dream by visualizing it. When you manifest, you can feel that dream and see yourself living in it. Manifesting is picturing what it will look, sound, and feel like once you achieve your goal. You will have what you think and say.

Remember, your potential is greater than any problem out there! Friend, you are creative and capable of so many wonderful, fantastic things. I am wishing you positive, victorious thoughts as you step into the freedom to dream!

You rock.


Much like Marcus Lemonis, host of CNBC’s “The Profit,” who lends his expertise to struggling businesses, Annette analyzes businesses, supports them with the right resources, and designs the plan they need in order to go from surviving to thriving.

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