Episode 160. Express Tip #80 Set The Process, Build Your Business

Annette Walter

January 31, 2022

Every team member in your business should know the collection of tasks that will accomplish your organization’s goal. The collective processes of each team member will successfully deliver the services or products to your clients. And having processes set in place will give you the freedom you want in your business. 

Set the process, build your business. That’s how you scale your business. 

At certain points, what people miss in their business is the building of processes for the most important divisions. You can build a process around everything and anything in your business, but here are the green lights that show you when you need to build or improve a process: 

  1. Anytime you have a complaint (from a client or coworker)
  2. Anytime you have a big pain point that keeps coming up
  3. Anytime you are repeatedly doing something
  4. Anytime you are exhausted


Anytime you have a complaint

When you have a complaint from a client or team member, it’s essential to look at the current lists of tasks of that process because there’s a good chance you need to tweak them. The goal is to keep it simple, identify and define your most effective way of preventing it from happening again.


Anytime you have a big pain point that keeps coming up

When a situation you don’t like keeps coming up, it means that your current process has a missing piece. Revising each step of the process with your team can help you see where it is and having everyone’s feedback can fix the issue. Document the new process. 


Anytime you are repeatedly doing something

You are the leader in your company, if you feel like you are repeating a task that you don’t like, outsource or delegate it. Chances are that there’s someone on your team that knows how to do it or it is within their zone of genius. 


Anytime you’re exhausted

You’re following a process but you’re feeling burnout, that’s a bright green light that you need to get out of the weeds. What does this mean? Are you tired of spending too much time answering your emails? Making calls and reaching out to clients? Social media? Find someone on your team or hire a new one (have you heard about my Team Maker Formula?) that can help you with those tasks. 

I have a process for pretty much everything in my business and the moment that I feel like we have the process right, I noticed we outgrow. When that happens, we improve it or rebuild a new process based on where we are as an organization, where the team is and what revenue size we are as a company. 

At Timber Industries, my other company, we hadn’t looked at our processing systems in a long time (since 2014!) and last December we went in there and analyzed them all. The whole team examined everything and we uncovered many inefficiencies and new ways to do things based on the new team members, the intelligence they brought to the table, and the evolution of technology. So it doesn’t matter how many years your company has or if you already have systems and processes in place, there’s always room for improvement and automation. I challenge you to go deep in to question your processes and really check your efficiencies. 

If you don’t have a process, the best way to really know if you need them is to look for the green lights of where the pain points are. Most importantly, get out of the weeds! The weeds of your business do not need you there. Instead, it needs you in strategic and creative thinking. It needs you in negotiation mode, thinking and dreaming bigger. That’s where you need to be in your business. That’s where you deserve to be in your business. And that’s where your clients, your team, and the community need you to shine. 

You’re the superstar. So let’s get you in your zone of genius and set those processes.

Keep evolving, entrepreneur! I see you, I get you, and I’m so proud of you. 

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